The Unity-Based Family: An Empirical Study of Healthy Marriage, Family, and Parenting

Getting married, forming a family, and parenting are among the most consequential tasks we undertake in our lives. This book is about creating loving and united marriages, nurturing and happy families, and rearing healthy and successful children. It provides dramatically new concepts and practical strategies on how to achieve these noble objectives in our rapidly changing and challenging world. Based on current scientific research, original conceptual formulations, and intensive clinical studies, The Unity-Based Family is, at once, groundbreaking, enlightening, helpful, and profound.

H.B. Danesh, MD, is the founder and president of the International Education for Peace Institute (Canada), and retired professor of psychiatry and peace studies. He has taught at universities in Austria, Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. Dr. Danesh is the creator of the acclaimed Education for Peace Program and the main author of the multi-volume Education for Peace Integrative Curriculum Series. The Unity-Based Family is volume eight in this series. (

Azin Nasseri, PhD, is an international psychologist and behavioural health consultant. He is the author of Moral Trauma: An Analysis of Akrasia and Mental Health. He served as the vice-president on the board of Shanghai International Mental Health Association (SIMHA) from 2010–2016, and is a founder of Shanghai Counseling. (

"The Unity-Based Family is a must read for anyone who wants to raise intellectually, emotionally, morally, and spiritually healthy children. As a developmental psychologist, I was particularly attracted to, and edified by, the chapters concerning the dynamics of personal development and parenting. I wish I had had the knowledge and wisdom imparted in this book when I started my family forty years ago! Now, I will settle for using it to help my undergraduate students of developmental psychology understand how to create family unity and why that unity is both the foundation of health and the means of healing for families."

Rhett Diessner Professor of Psychology, Lewis-Clark State College

"Once again, in his characteristic style, Dr H. B. Danesh has achieved a lucidity and beauty in his writing that makes difficult concepts not only easy but also a delight to digest. In reading almost every paragraph, one gets a sense of being nourished and challenged at the same time. I found this book to be both an enlightening and aesthetic experience. The book contents speak profoundly to common life experiences that we all have and are subject to—such as love, the way we use power in human relationships, and death and dying—topics that we rarely discuss because of their sensitivity or our lack of words. As a psychologist and educator who has systematically studied the development of life purpose for more than fifteen years, I have found frameworks in this book that I have yet to find articulated in the same way anywhere else."

Jenni Menon Mariano Associate Professor, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

"The Unity-Based Family is an inspiring book, demonstrating that unity, once translated into action, will meet most of the personal, interpersonal, and collective challenges faced by humanity today. It deals with the concept of unity in the context of the family as the fundamental unit of society, but this book is not only about the family: it is about our life and how to substantially improve its quality."

Julio Savi, MD Author of A Nest on the Highest Branch: Reflections on Human Success, Prosperity and Happiness

"Dr Danesh is a master at breaking down a complex phenomenon into highly understandable elements. In this book, he brings a wonderful clarity to the challenging issues of marriage and family and, in doing so, raises our vision to the beauty and potential of human life."

Brian Kirsh, MD, FRCP (C) Department of Psychiatry, University Health Network, Toronto

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