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    - Professor David Zilberman, University of California at Berkeley

The First Century of English Monolingual Lexicography

This book deals with monolingual English dictionaries from 1604 to 1702. The major scholarly reference works which individually treat early English dictionaries are De Witt Starnes and Gertrude Noyes’s English Dictionary from Cawdrey to Johnson: 1604–1755 (1946) and The Oxford History of English Lexicography (2009) edited by A. P. Cowie. However, when we proceed with reading the dictionaries with primary attention to their provision of lexical information, an array of deficiencies in Starnes and Noyes’s account stands out. There are two main reasons for these deficiencies; one is the fact that Starnes and Noyes’s analyses of the dictionaries are mainly made in accordance with the contents of their title pages and introductory materials, and the other is that the two authorities are excessively conscious of the external history of the dictionaries they discuss. The method of investigation of the dictionaries in this book differs greatly from these previous studies. Through it, various facts, which have been unnoticed for centuries, come to be revealed, including not only an array of historically significant methods for the lexical treatment of words and phrases, but also the highly creative use of other dictionaries in one specific dictionary, as well as the previously unrecognized direct and indirect influence of one dictionary on others.

Kusujiro Miyoshi is Full Professor at Soka Women’s College in Tokyo, Japan, having received a PhD from the University of Exeter, UK, in 2005. He has been researching English dictionaries from the seventeenth to twentieth centuries since 1980, and has presented his findings at several international conferences, including those held by the European Association for Lexicography, the International Society for Historical Lexicography and Lexicology, the African Association for Lexicography, and the Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas, among others. He is also the author of the volume Johnson’s and Webster’s Verbal Examples (2007).

"Each of Miyoshi's chapters looks forensically into a very precise matter of dictionary structure in one or two dictionaries and each has its illuminating moment. [...] I find repeating Considine's conclusion similarly irresistible: "The English Dictionary from Cawdrey to Johnson will continue, for the time being, to be the authority of first recourse, but after reading what it has to say on a given topic, it will always be wise to ask, 'does Miyoshi have anything to say about that?' and to turn to this book" (xxxvii). Just so."

Michael Adams Kernerman Dictionary News, 25 (July 2017)

"[This book] would make a valuable addition to the research library of any institution dealing with historical English lexicography."

Joan C. Beal University of Sheffield Language & History, 2018

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