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Contextualizing the Pedagogy of English as an International Language: Issues and Tensions

Among the growing number of publications on promoting English as an International Language (EIL), little has been written on the complexities that the EIL paradigm has brought to the teaching and learning of English in the classroom. This edited book seeks to address this deficit in the literature by bringing together narratives of the realities that EIL practitioners encountered in their diverse teaching contexts, including Indonesia, the Pacific islands, USA, and Australia; the struggles, tensions, dilemmas, and quests of living as EIL practitioners in specific teaching contexts and wider English communities in general are all explored in this book. It explores pedagogical practices, understandings, and challenges surrounding the implementation of EIL pedagogy and principles in contexts where English is traditionally described as a second language or foreign language.

This book will be of interest to teachers, academics, and research students working in the areas of ELT, critical applied linguistics, EIL, language and identity, and English language teacher education. It can also be used to complement university-level textbooks in these areas. The book provides theoretical and contextual knowledge for practicing teachers and teacher educators seeking to understand and explore the teaching and learning realities of implementing EIL in the classroom.

Nugrahenny T. Zacharias is a teacher-educator at a pre-service Teacher Education program at the Faculty of Language and Literature, Satya Wacana Christian University, Indonesia. Her research interests are in the areas of identity issues in teacher education, curriculum and material development, and the implementation of EIL concepts in second language education. She has published in various national and international journals such as RELC Journal and Asia TEFL Journal. Her recent book publications include Stories of Multilingual English Teachers (2010), Bringing Linguistics and Literature in EFL Classrooms (2011), and Qualitative Research Methods for Second Language Education: A Coursebook (2011).

Christine Manara has been an English language educator for over 15 years. She received her PhD from Monash University, Australia. Her research interests include teaching methodology, English as an International Language pedagogy, teacher’s professional learning and identity, and the use of literature in ELT. She is currently a Lecturer in the MA (TESOL) programme, Payap University, Thailand.

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