Media Theory and Cultural Technologies: In Memoriam Friedrich Kittler

In recent decades, media theory has become one of the most influential trends in contemporary thinking, namely within cultural studies, the arts and humanities. Spreading mostly from the German scholarly scene, under the influence of post-structuralism, media theory has developed as a fundamental theoretical framework, for many fields of theoretical and applied research, through authors such as the late Friedrich Kittler, 1943–2011. Commenting on several aspects of Kittler’s work, and on its impact in different fields of art and culture, this essay collection examines recent developments in media theory brought about by concepts such as “cultural techniques” and “operative ontologies” and by key authors, contributing to this volume, such as Bernhard Siegert, Sybille Krämer and Peter Weibel.

Maria Teresa Cruz teaches Media Aesthetics at Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal, where she is a member of the Research Center of Communication and Language. She has published mostly in the fields of contemporary art and culture, with such books as New media, New Practices (2011), which she edited, and she is the founder of the online journal, Interact: Art, Culture and Technique.

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