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The Evolution and Emergence of QR Codes

Not much literature exists on QR (Quick Response) Codes and their applications in the emerging digital society, making this foundational text very important to the field of technology. Revolving around the evolution and characteristics of QR Codes, it begins with a comprehensive discussion of past technologies, linking them with the emergence of today’s technologies as a way to synergize the utilization of QR Codes. The book spells out the “pros” and “cons” of QR Codes, providing potential challenges to their emergence. It will be useful for scholars of new media and technology, enabling them to understand the depths and details of the old and new media and the point where hybrid media evolve. It will be equally beneficial to practitioners across industries, helping them to incorporate QR Codes into everyday life.

Celalettin Aktaş is a graduate of Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, USA, and Professor of Communication Sciences at the Communication Faculty of Istanbul Commerce University, Turkey, where he is also Head of the Media and Communication Systems Department. His writing and research interests include information and communication technologies and new media. He is the editor of the Intermedia International Peer-Reviewed E-Journal of Communication Sciences.

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Release Date: 27th February 2017

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