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International Relations and Islam: Diverse Perspectives

International Relations and Islam: Diverse Perspectives presents the idea of finding a middle way or common ground of understanding between two bodies of knowledge conceived from two different hemispheres of the world; namely, International Relations (IR), a social science discipline conceived in the UK and the US (the West), and Islam or Islamic Studies which was conceived in the Arab world and developed in Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and many non-Arab countries. The book is divided into two main sections; the first being general perspectives from different backgrounds or cases concerning Islam. The second part specifically examines Turkey, offering various perspectives on the significance of this country and its democratic experience.

The contributions included in this volume range from discussions on the Islamic veil and its associated stereotypes to an article on Islamic feminism. Other subjects discussed include the issues of Muslim integration, Turkey’s international relations, and Islam’s relationship with democracy, in addition to a biographical representation of the current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoğlu, detailing his scholarship and its impact on Turkey’s foreign policy.

This edited book is part of the mission-vision of the IR-IS Research Cohort, an e-networking community interested in advancing comparative research between International Relations and Islamic Studies.

Contributors: Jessica L. Daniels, Didem Doğanyılmaz, Gökhan Duman, Alessandra L. González, İştar Gözaydın and Ari Varon.

Nassef Manabilang Adiong is the founder of the IR-IS Research Cohort. His research interests include theories of International Relations (IR) and their major debates and contemporary discourses, conceptualizations of and debates about ‘Nation-State’ and ‘Civilization’ phenomena in IR and Islam, and relations between religion and politics concentrating on ‘Political Islam’. He is the author of numerous articles, including ‘Nation-State in IR and Islam’ in the Journal of Islamic State Practice in International Law, ‘The US and Israel Securitization of Iran’s Nuclear Energy’ in the Quarterly Journal of Political Studies of Islamic World, and ‘The Palestinian Refugee Question: A Constitutive Constructivist Interpretation’ in Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations.

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Jessica L. Daniels


Gokhan Duman

Alessandra L. González


Ari D. Varon

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