Directory of Scholarly Journals in Turkey

Scholarly journals are the capillaries of the scientific world, ensuring the circulation of knowledge. Moreover, scholarly journals guide and indicate the scientific development in an academic field of study or in a country. Scholarly journals, which transfer and spread scientific information, are intended to properly fulfill their functions, preventing the transfer of imperfect or incorrect information to the science world. Significant issues are, therefore, inevitable in the characteristics of scientific studies in such disciplines and countries where the scholarly journals do not fulfill their functions properly. This study encompasses all scholarly journals published in Turkey in all fields of science and other disciplines. The reference questions in this study are grouped under three main categories: the contact and publication information, article evaluation, and publishing information. The number of journals in this present study totals 1,910.

Nazmi Kozak is a Professor in the School of Tourism, Anadolu University, Turkey. He gained both his Master’s and PhD degrees in the area of Tourism Management, and he has been a visiting professor at various universities in the United States. His research activities focus on tourism marketing, library sciences and bibliometrics. He is the editor of Anatolia: Turizm Araştırmaları Dergisi and the co-editor of Anatolia: An International Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Research.

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Nazmi Kozak

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