South Sudanese Diaspora in Australia and New Zealand: Reconciling the Past with the Present

Since 1996, approximately 30,000 South Sudanese people have immigrated to Australia and New Zealand via humanitarian pathways. This text offers insight into these associated communities’ resettlement experiences and provides a broader sociological context in which the South Sudanese diaspora can be seen within global migration studies. The text’s strength is its close relationship to the work of culturally and disciplinarily diverse scholars bringing contemporary research on South Sudanese resettlement together in one book. This collection provides:

• Contemporary research that critically examines the experiences of South Sudanese settlement and its associated successes, concerns and challenges;

• Social, theoretical, historical and policy implications associated with resettlement;

• An informed and reflective focus on substantive resettlement issues such as education, health, housing, Australian and customary law, employment, integration and discrimination;

• Current demographics of the South Sudanese not available elsewhere.

The South Sudanese community is one of Australia’s fastest growing new populations, and yet there are limited understandings of their experiences, concerns, aspirations and the associated implications for being able to meaningfully participate in Australian and New Zealand public life. This edited text provides a focused collection of research by established and emerging researchers who offer insight into the complexities, opportunities and challenges related to the lived experiences of resettlement.

Jay Marlowe, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Auckland and completed his doctorate with the South Sudanese community living in Adelaide. Formerly a visiting fellow with the Refugee Studies Centre at the University of Oxford, he has published numerous papers on resettlement issues related to people’s sense of well-being, identity and how their experiences relate to the wider society living around them.

Anne Harris, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Education at Monash University, and has published in the areas of creativity and social inclusion. Her research interests include the intersection of cultural, sexual, and gender diversities, including the ways in which creativity and the arts can be used for social and educational change. Her latest book The Creative Turn: Toward a new aesthetic imaginary (Sense) is forthcoming in January 2014.

Tanya Lyons, PhD, is the President of AFSAAP and the editor of the Australasian Review of African Studies; she is also a Senior Lecturer in the School of International Studies at Flinders University, where she specialises in teaching African Political History. Lyons is the author of Guns and Guerrilla Girls: Women in the Zimbabwean Liberation Struggle, and co-editor of the books Africa on a Global Stage, and New Engagement: Contemporary Australian Foreign Policy Toward Africa.

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