Conflict Resolution and the Scholarship of Engagement: Partnerships Transforming Conflict

As the field of conflict analysis and resolution continues to grow, scholars and practitioners increasingly recognize that we can learn from one another. Theory must be informed by practice and practice must draw on sound theory. Above and beyond this lies a further recognition: without at least attempting to actually engage and transform entrenched conflicts, our field cannot hope to achieve its potential. We will merely remain in a more diverse, multi-disciplinary ivory tower. This edition breaks new ground in explicitly connecting the Scholarship of Engagement to the work of conflict resolution professionals including those in the academy, those in the field, and those who refuse to choose between the two. The text explores a wide variety of examples of, and thinking on, the Scholarship of Engagement from participatory action research to peace education, and from genocide prevention to community mediation and transitional justice.

Cheryl Lynn Duckworth is a Professor of Conflict Resolution at Nova Southeastern University. A peace-building program leader and conflict resolution policy analyst, she has served such organizations as the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy and the Center for International Education. She has published and presented globally on her two passions, peace education and peace economics. Her more recent publications include her book, Land and Dignity in Paraguay, which explores the role of dignity in social movements, and an article on her implementation of critical peace education curriculum in a juvenile detention home.

Consuelo Doria Kelley is a Doctoral Student in the Department of Conflict Analysis and Resolution (DCAR) at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). She is a graduate of Yale College (BA, 1976) and Yale Law School (JD, 1980) and a member of the District of Columbia Bar. She received the Kathleen Harmon DCAR Scholarship in 2009, was elected DCAR Representative to NSU’s Student Government Association for the academic year 2010–2011, named 2012 Student of the Year by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS), and nominated by SHSS for the NSU 2012 Student Life Achievement Award as Student of the Year.

“[Conflict Resolution and the Scholarship of Engagement] provides us with insightful examples of town-gown relationships at the local as well as global level that benefit both the community and the university. [It] shows us how research projects can be used to build sustainable bridges and working partnerships through the Scholarship of Engagement.”
– Dr Linda M. Johnston, Executive Director, Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character, Kennesaw State University

“. . . In their groundbreaking work, [the editors] build the connection between conflict resolution theory and practice and the scholarship of engagement . . . By exploring the relationships between the discipline and practices of conflict resolution and the principles and practices of engagement, these scholars employ a focus that strengthens both fields. Even more important than its bolstering of scholarship, this approach offers communities the benefits of enhanced participation in the problem-solving process. Kudos to the scholars for their pioneering efforts.”
– Lorilee R. Sandmann, PhD, Professor and Program Chair, Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy, University of Georgia

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