Teaching EFL Reading and Writing in Georgia

Reading and writing are skills which can be easily practiced in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) environment, and are particularly important for academic improvement and life-long learning.

The book includes an overview of theoretical and practical issues of methods of teaching EFL reading and writing, as well as some research on related topics in Georgia. It deals with such issues as theories of reading and writing, reading and writing activities, motivation, and assessment. It focuses on EFL, as, in Georgia, there is no English-language environment apart from the classroom where students can develop their communicative skills.

The contributors to this volume work at the International Black Sea University, where tuition is mostly conducted in English, and, correspondingly, teaching English is one of the main research priorities.

Natela Doghonadze is a Professor and PhD and MA Program Coordinator at the International Black Sea University, Georgia. She defended her PhD thesis on methods of teaching vocabulary in middle school, and completed her postdoctoral studies on EFL course-book design for adult learners. She worked for the Georgian Technical University from 1983 to 2006, and has authored around 200 publications, including 13 books.

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Huseyin Demir

Taisia Muzafarova

Bilal Ozkan

Nikoloz Parjanadze

Ekaterine Pipia

Nino Tvaltchrelidze

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