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Rajam Krishnan and Indian Feminist Hermeneutics

This book interprets the feminist theories of Rajam Krishnan, a doyen of Tamil literature, who has been a forerunner of many contemporary ideologies. The text provides the much-needed tools for the vast corpus of contemporary research in the global domain of Indian women’s literature. To interpret literature with non-native theoretical models may not be dispensed as an erroneous fallacy, but the fact remains that there prevails an oft-felt, unarticulated need for our own native theories which may imbue a greater elucidation of our culture, ethos, epistemes and practices.

Professor Sarada Thallam teaches in the Department of English at Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India. With over two decades of teaching experience, her specialisations include women’s literature, African American women’s theatre, postcolonial studies and translation studies. She has published in several journals, and wrote a book entitled African American Women Playwrights: A Study in Race, Gender and Class (2010).

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