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    "[Second Thoughts on Capitalism and the State is a] profoundly reflective book shows a pathway forward for academics and activists alike who are stymied by the disconnect between deep critical scholarship and emancipatory social change, yet who will still not give up the good fight."

    - Professor Diane E. Davis, Harvard University

Language, Culture and Social Connectedness

Diverse interest in language, pedagogy, identity and community has found expression through online interaction, networking and connectedness in the discourses captured in this book, Language, Culture and Social Connectedness. Issues surrounding language use in spoken, written and multimedia forms and in sociocultural responses, indigenous knowledges and ethnic perspectives are currently expanding, with consequential transnational implications for pedagogy in higher education. Language education is no longer oriented towards grammar, memorization and learning by rote, but rather using language and cultural knowledge as a means to communicate and connect to others around the globe. Geographical and physical boundaries are being transcended by technology as students learn to reach out to the world around them.

This book explores the intricate relationships between language, culture and social connectedness in our diverse local and transnational communities. In a period of challenge in our history, there are tensions that connect and others that tend to disconnect endeavours across the social landscape. ‘Connectedness’ includes relationships both formal and informal and the benefits those relationships bring to the individual as well as to society. ‘Social connectedness’ describes the level of engagement and trust an individual has with others in their community and the roles they take on, their friendships and participation in different activities. People who feel socially connected also contribute towards building communities and society. They help to create social capital as networks that promote effective social functions.

Ann Dashwood, EdD, is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

Jeong-Bae Son, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

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