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Teaching English in Multilingual Contexts: Current Challenges, Future Directions

This collection of innovative, thought-provoking papers discusses contemporary issues, practices and research related to the role and teaching of English in multilingual countries. The papers, written by experienced practitioners in the field from a number of different countries, examine how the English language can be more effectively taught to students in Asia who speak English as their second, third or fourth language. The book will be of interest not only to linguists, language teachers and educators but also to social science researchers involved in exploring the effects language policy can have on education and society at large.

The eleven chapters in this book are divided into three sections: multilingual aspects in the teaching and learning of English, code-switching and code-mixing, and assessment. Their authors came to Karachi from different academic, cultural and geographic backgrounds and with diverse experiences of the world of English Language Teaching in order to participate in the Fifth International Seminar hosted by the Aga Khan University Centre of English Language.

The contributors are all multi-linguals for whom the question of how best to teach languages is a challenge they face on a daily basis. This small collection of papers is likely to become a powerful resource for English teachers, scholars, and researchers interested in the problems facing language educators in today’s multilingual, multi-cultural world.

Ms Azra Ahmed is Assistant Professor at the Aga Khan University Centre of English Language in Karachi, Pakistan. She Coordinates the School of Nursing and the Online English Language Learning programmes for the Centre. She has co-edited English and Empowerment in the Developing World. Currently she is involved in research projects related to critical thinking and e-learning in Pakistan.

Dr Graeme Cane is Head of the Centre of English Language at the Aga Khan University in Karachi. Prior to coming to Pakistan, Dr Cane taught linguistics and literature at universities in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Brunei, Japan, Oman and Singapore. He has written on English linguistics and English as a second language (ESL) in international journals and has published three books on grammar and usage.

Ms Mehnaz Hanzala is Senior Instructor at the Aga Khan University Centre of English Language. She holds a first-class-first Masters in English Linguistics from the University of Karachi. She was awarded a silver medal by the Society of Pakistan English Language Teachers for being the first candidate to receive a Certificate of Merit in the ICELT course from the University of Cambridge, UK.

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