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Digital Genres, New Literacies and Autonomy in Language Learning

The exponential growth in the amount and complexity of information transmitted and shared on the Internet and the capabilities afforded by new information technologies result in the continuous emergence of new genres and new literacy practices that call for new models of genre analysis and new approaches to teaching literacy and language, where language learning autonomy has to take centre stage. Any pedagogical approach which seeks to develop autonomy in online language learning should also be concerned with the development of new literacies, with raising an awareness of digital texts and with the cognitive processes learners engage in when constructing meaning in hypertext.

The purpose of this volume is to lay the foundations for an approach to online language learning which draws on the analysis of digital texts and of the practices and strategies involved in using such texts. With this aim in mind, this book incorporates and draws relations between research on digital genres, autonomy, electronic literacies and language learning tasks, combining theoretical reflections with pedagogical research.

The chapters in this volume, written by researchers from different academic traditions, report research concerning digital genres, new literacy skills and the design of webtasks for effective language learning. These chapters will be useful resources for researchers and doctoral students interested in the development of autonomous language learning in digital environments.

María José Luzón is Senior Lecturer of English in the Department of English and German Studies, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain. Her current research interests include genre analysis, especially online genres used in academic and professional communication, and the use of new technologies in English language teaching and learning. She is co-editor of Teaching Academic and Professional English Online (Peter Lang, 2009).

María Noelia Ruiz-Madrid is Senior Lecturer of English in the Department of English Studies at Universitat Jaume I, Castelló, Spain. Her research interest integrates language learning autonomy genre studies and ICT. She is co-editor of Towards the Integration of ICT in Language Learning and Teaching: Reflection and Experience (Universitat Jaume I, 2006) and Pedagogical Reflections on Learning Languages in Instructed Settings (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007).

María Luisa Villanueva is Senior Lecturer at Universitat Jaume I, Spain. Her current research focuses on the relation among genre studies, new literacy and ICT. She is the main researcher of GIAPEL (Multilingual Group of Research), Co-Director of the First International Conference on ICTs and Autonomy Applied to Language Learning (co-organized with CRAPEL, 2004) and Co-Director of Master CIEL (Intercultural Communication and Language Teaching).

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