Bronze Age China: Style and Material

“Style” in Chinese art and archaeology encompass complex meanings that beyond studies of decorative motifs, design and traditional sense on artistic style. This anthology considers function, behavior, manufacture, usage, design, material and context are expanded definition of “style”. Examine style in a larger context assists in investigating the aspects of life-style, gender, social structure, labor division, and craft specialization in a society, explains the social strata, rituals, and technical traditions. Scholars of this volume come from varied backgrounds, intends to achieve an understanding of the concept of material and style of Bronze Age while current excavated data are updated everyday in this particular field.

Wang Ying is Associate Professor of the Department of Art History, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He holds a BA and an MA of the Central Academy of Fine Art of China, as well as a PhD from the University of Pittsburg. Wang Ying served in the editorial team of The Great Treasures of Chinese Bronze Age of the Wenwu Press; and is author of Connoisseurship of Ancient Chinese Painting (Guilin: Lijiang Press).

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