The Ethics of the Family

Our families are our first and most important ethical training grounds. But what is the family? And what are our ethical commitments to our family members and to the broader moral community? After a brief introductory chapter on basic ethical concepts and theories, the essays in this volume provide readers with ethical analyses of issues ranging from same-sex marriage to a controversial proposal to “license” parents. The chapters cover love, sex, marriage, parents and children, the relationship between the family and the larger moral community, and the influence of emerging technologies on the ethical issues inherent in family life. The volume is intended to open up this exciting territory in applied ethics to those interested in philosophy, family studies, social work, and to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the ethical forces at work in this most basic social institution.

Stephen Scales is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. Dr Scales received his BA in Liberal Arts from The New School for Social Research in 1986, and earned his PhD in philosophy from The University of California, San Diego in 1995. Dr Scales currently sits on the Executive Committee of the Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum. He has published on family ethics and ethics pedagogy.

Linda Oravecz is Assistant Professor in Family Studies and Community Development at Towson University. Her research interests include family and community violence, ethnic families and family policy.

Adam Potthast is Assistant Professor of Professional Ethics at Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Missouri, where he teaches courses in ethics, political philosophy, and the meaning of life. He also co-wrote Ethics for Dummies (forthcoming June 2010) with Christopher Panza of Drury University.

“The Ethics of the Family is not just about ethics. And it is not just about family. It presents a cross-disciplinary and up-to-date scholarly approach to numerous social and philosophical controversies that involve different traditions, contrasting frameworks of justice, and current medical and technological developments. This could easily be used for several philosophy courses, including Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy and Human Nature. In addition, it would fit well into any ethics course in a Family Studies Department. Students will be surprised to find elements of their own lives in many of these chapters.”
—Dr. Alex Hooke, Stevenson University

"In 'Ethics of the Family', Scales, Poitthast, and Oravecz offer theology professors a volume of philosophical essays that has real potential to extend family ethics in important new ways.', Julie H. Rubio in INTAMS review 18, 2012, pp 113-114, p.133.

“This comprehensive foray into the ethical issues inherent in family life marks an exciting frontier for ethical inquiry. The papers take us from artificial reproductive technologies to Confucian filial piety, from the ethics of same-sex marriage to claims of intergenerational justice between children and parents. This is fertile ground for students of ethics to explore and this volume is an excellent guidebook for the journey.”
—Dr. Wolfgang W. Fuchs, Towson University

Dr. Jeff Buechner

Kristie Bunton

Suk Choi

James J. Jr.

Hallie Liberto

Ernani Magalhaes

Michael McFall

Elizabeth Meade

Robert Muhlnickel

Paul Newhouse

Kathryn Norlock

Linda Oravecz

Laura Osinski

Yvette Pearson

Adam Potthast

Karen Rice

Wade L. Robison

Sangeeta Sangha

Eric Silverman

Mark Strasser

Michael Taber

Steven Weimer

Steven Weiss

Diane Williamson

Charles Zola

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