Research in Second Language Acquisition: Empirical Evidence across Languages

Research in Second Language Acquisition: Empirical Evidence Across Languages provides an overview of current research within the Processability Theory framework (Pienemann 1998; 2005). The articles in this volume combine a more theoretical approach in order to further extend the theory and studies utilizing PT to further investigate bilingual language acquisition and language development in natural and institutional settings. Taking these different aspects into consideration, this volume is organised in two parts. Part 1 Second Language Processing: Contributions to Theory Development contains a number of papers discussing the inclusion of further theoretical aspects into PT, focusing on English as a second language. In Part 2 Second Language Grammars across Languages, PT is applied to a number of typologically different languages and contexts.

Jörg-U. Keßler, PhD, is professor of applied linguistics at Ludwigsburg Germany. He has worked on the evaluation and calibration of Rapid Profile, a computer-assisted diagnostic tool to trace L2 development. His research interests encompass (instructed) SLA and Immersion programmes from preschool to secondary education. In his current research he works on various applications of Processability Theory to the foreign language classroom. His publications include books on the acquisition of L2 English in formal settings and a range of articles on task- based language teaching.

Dagmar Keatinge works as a researcher and lecturer in the English department at Paderborn University. She has worked on number of research projects in the field of second language acquisition, including bilingual language acquisition of children and L1- transfer (for her MA thesis). For her PhD thesis, she continues to work on the Developmentally Moderated Transfer Hypothesis. Her further research interests include the investigation of receptive skills within the PT framework and the development of communicative tasks for research settings and teaching.

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