The Urgency of Climate Change: Pivotal Perspectives

The Urgency of Climate Change addresses a pivotal challenge for the sustainability of our planet. This topic was selected for the inaugural conference in 2015 of an annual series on the Integrity of Creation.

The essays in this collection were selected in a peer-reviewed manner and appeal to a general audience. The chapters move from general to more specific points of view, with a discussion at the end of each section addressing the global impact of climate change.

The first section sets the Context for the discussion, explaining that the climate is an indispensable common good. The part on Science emphasises that empirical reality must guide any analysis of the climate as a matter of basic knowledge and comprehension. A crucial implication is whether the climate is sufficiently robust for the Earth to flourish for millennia ahead, as discussed in the part on Sustainability. In turn, these sections raise pivotal questions, regarding Ethics about social obligations for the planet to flourish and regarding Religion to foster global stewardship. Finally, this alignment of Ethics and Religion around the problems related to Science and Sustainability leads to the final section on Law that considers policy possibilities to effectively engage Climate Change.

Gerard Magill, PhD, holds the Vernon F. Gallagher Chair for the Integration of Science, Theology, Philosophy, and Law at Duquesne University, United States, where he is a tenured Professor in the Center for Healthcare Ethics. He obtained his PhD from Edinburgh University, Scotland. Magill has authored, co-authored, and edited several books. He has also published many scholarly and professional articles and has presented many papers at conferences. He is Chair of his university’s Conference Committee for the Integrity of Creation Series, in which this book is the first of the conference proceedings.

Kiarash Aramesh, MD, is a physician, specialising in community medicine. He is an Associate Professor at the Medical Ethics and History of Medicine Research Center at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran. His publications focus on various aspects of biomedical ethics in English and Persian and he has delivered presentations at numerous conferences.

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