Recent Advances in the Creation of a Process-Based Worldview: Human Life in Process

Process thought is an important component of contemporary philosophy. Alfred North Whitehead’s organic philosophy has a special place in the landscape of process thinking, being detailed, precise and well-thought, and at the same time extremely visionary and far-reaching. The global community of process thinkers includes physicists, biologists, doctors, political scientists, educators, activists, philosophers, theologians and other people devoted to rethinking their disciplines in the light of process philosophy.

This volume presents the cutting edge in the creation of a process worldview. Leading scholars from all over the world gathered to discuss how process thinking can inspire us to rethink our lives. Precise philosophical language and a unifying vision are applied to core issues, such as politics, society, education and religion. The book represents a bold move from academic philosophy into the realm of actual human lives.

This book is part of a series. View the full series, "European Studies in Process Thought", here.

Łukasz Lamża is a philosopher, science writer and academic teacher based in Krakow, Poland. He specialises in philosophy of nature, process philosophy and cosmology. He is an author of numerous articles and books and is a Board Member of the Whitehead Metaphysical Society, a non-profit educational organisation interested in the applications of Whitehead’s thought to science, philosophy and everyday life.

Jakub Dziadkowiec is a philosopher and educator based in Lublin, Poland. He specializes in philosophy of nature, process philosophy and ontology. He is the author of the theory of ontological stratalism, and a Member of the Whitehead Metaphysical Society.

"This volume demonstrates the interdisciplinary reach of Whitehead’s thought across society and politics, education and language, theology and God - all concerned with creating a unified view of life and way of living. Politically, the notion of a social organism is proposed as a viable metaphor for modern society, while contributors are also concerned with our harmonious co-evolution with Nature.... Educationally, the key theme is appreciation for lived human experience, while in terms of theology there is good deal of elaboration of Whitehead’s ideas on the nature of religion and God."

David Lorimer Network Review: Journal of the Scientific and Medical Network, 123 (2017/1)

Hans-Ferdinand Angel

Roland Cazalis

Rommy Desmet

Roland Leonard Gibson

Kan'ichi Hidemura

Shigeyuki Itow

Martin Kaplický

Catherine Keller

Leslie A. Muray

Tokiyuki Nobuhara

Bogdan Ogrodnik

John Quiring

Matthew David Segall

Dennis Sölch

Maria Teresa Teixeira

Zhihe Wang

Anderson Weekes

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