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Picture of Proceedings of the 9th ProLISSA Conference

Proceedings of the 9th ProLISSA Conference

Editor(s): Madeleine Fombad, Mpho Ngoepe
Contributors: Madely Du Preez, Faith Okite-Amughoro, Nokuphila Saulus, Olefhile Mosweu, Pedzisai Munyoro, Walter Matli,

Book Description

Countries in the African continent are implementing strategies to overcome developmental and societal challenges to remain competitive in the new global knowledge-based economy. Libraries and archives can play an important role in this process through provision of information. Information in modern society is valued as an essential component in the daily lives of people, both at individual and organisational levels. Increasingly, we expect information to meet our needs through technological interventions or interactions. Indeed, recent technological developments have accentuated contemporary conceptions of the library and information field as an intersection of information, technology, people and society. This volume explores the opportunities and challenges encountered in the practice of contemporary libraries, archives and records management in the digital age. It cannot be overemphasized that the traditional traits and practices of libraries, archives and records management are constantly changing given the increased use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the different information management value chains. This book will serve as a premier reference source for organisations in both private and public sectors, researchers, information practitioners in industry, and postgraduate students in information management.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-0825-5
ISBN-10: 1-5275-0825-0
Date of Publication: 01/05/2018
Pages / Size: 188 / A5
Price: £58.99


Mpho Ngoepe is a Professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of South Africa. He has previously worked for the United Nations Children’s Fund, Auditor-General South Africa, the National Archives of South Africa (Cape Town and Pretoria), and Bloemfontein Legal Deposit. He received his PhD in Archival Science from the University of South Africa in 2012.

Madelein Fombad is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science at the University of South Africa. She has served as a law librarian at the University of Botswana and as guidance counselor. Her areas of interest are governance and accountability, knowledge management, public-private partnership, climate change, stakeholder management and health governance. She has published over ten articles in refereed journals and a book chapter on climate change, in addition to other important research outputs.