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Picture of Poetica et Metrica

Poetica et Metrica

ISSN No: 2061-9634
Series Editor(s):
Levente Seláf
Patrizia Noel Aziz Hanna

Series Description

Poetica et Metrica is dedicated to the typology of poetical systems, with special emphasis on metrical systems. With contributions dealing with poetical patterns from Antiquity through the Middle Ages to the present, the series covers a wide range of topics. Topics focus on literary traditions in which verse dominated, though articles on prose poetics are not excluded. Rhythm, repetition, and variation are general characteristics regulating human speech and music, and poetry is based on rules and conventions linked to these principles. Studying poetry means exploring the functioning of the human brain in one of its most creative activities. The general approach of the series is a comparative and typological one, with an interest in the literary, linguistic, and semiotic foundations of poetical and metrical systems. We invite both theoretical and applied studies concerning the evolutions, systems, and applications of poetical patterns.

Editor(s) Biography

Patrizia Noel Aziz Hanna (University of Bamberg) is professor of German language at the University of Bamberg. Her research interests include phonology, metrics, and subsystem interactions between phonology, syntax, and information structure.

Levente Seláf (ELTE Budapest) is assistant professor of Comparative Literature at the ELTE University of Budapest. His research interest include theory of poetry, translation studies, and medieval and early modern literature, as well as contemporary poets and groups of writers, like the Oulipo.

Series Titles

The Poetics of Multilingualism – La Poétique du plurilinguisme

Poetica et Metrica 2.One of the most fascinating aspects of the poetics of multilingualism is that it reveals national literatures to be an outcome of transcultural reflection. This kind of reflection can surface in lexical borrowings and inventions, in attempts at imitating foreign language features, and in combining and improvisi...