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The Cambridge Scholars Publishing Philosophy collection provides authoritative and innovative perspectives for academics and enthusiasts alike. Our selection of the best Philosophy books covers the major sub-disciplines, incorporating the analytic and Continental traditions, and the history of Philosophy. We are also proud to publish a number of critically-acclaimed Series on popular Philosophy topics, including leading insights about theoretical and applied Ethics.

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This edited collection draws on a range of disciplines in exploring the central place of narrative in social inquiry and understanding the ethical life. It provides scholarly and practical insights into the rewards and potential pitfalls of working in, and with narrative. It offers readers a broad range of carefully considered exam...

Conrad’s Destructive Element

This book presents a new interpretation of Joseph Conrad’s novel Lord Jim based on readings from not only its published text but also its principal manuscript text. Extensive use of the manuscript text has not been a feature of any other work on Lord Jim, and such use helps bring into focus a fixed pattern of meaning and an implici...

Content, Consciousness, and Perception

What sort of thing is the mind? And how can such a thing at the same time- belong to the natural world,- represent the world,- give rise to our subjective experience,- and ground human knowledge?Content, Consciousness and Perception is an edited collection, comprising eleven new contributions to the philosophy of mind, written by s...
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Contours of Privacy

The contours of privacy—its particular forms and our reasons for valuing it—are numerous and varied. This book explores privacy’s contours in a series of essays on such themes as the relationship between privacy and social accountability, privacy in and beyond anonymity, the psychology of privacy, and the privacy concerns of emergi...

Conversations in Philosophy

Conversations in Philosophy: Crossing the Boundaries consists of essays that revolve around the question of the nature and meaning of philosophy, even as it demonstrates philosophy’s significance and relevance to some fundamental human problems and issues. The essays present diverse views of what philosophy might be and might aspi...

Conversations in Philosophy

The collection of essays in this anthology is divided into three categories, namely “social epistemology”, “epistemology”, and “freedom”, respectively. The first category addresses questions related to the social dimensions of knowledge. Various issues are interrogated, including the lack of attention to testimony in much standard ...

Conversations on Human Action and Practical Rationality

This volume brings together leading scholars in the study of practical rationality and human action – namely, Alfred Mele, Hugh McCann, Michael Bratman, George Ainslie, Daniel Hausman and Joshua Knobe. They were interviewed by the editors in a project based at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Porto structured aroun...

Cover Up the Dirty Parts! Arts Funding, Fighting, and the First Amendment

Cover Up the Dirty Parts! takes on directly not only questions regarding the relationship between government funding for the arts and political censorship, but also deeper philosophical questions regarding liberty, the definition of art, the role of vague terms in language and law, and the epistemological role of both free expressi...

Creation, Environment and Ethics

Creation, Environment and Ethics aims to contribute to a critical understanding of ethics, evolution and creation, and to provide a pluralistic response to some of the most pressing issues facing the global environment today. Following the example of Professor Robin Attfield, this volume aims to reflect the diverse responses with w...

Cross Currents

Philosophy begins with a question. The same question is often asked in different languages. Comparative philosophy is a project that engages thinkers from all areas of the world and approaches common problems from different perspectives. The conversations look at not only interactions between cultures, but also the relationships am...

Culture and Dialogue

Vol.3, No.1 of Culture and Dialogue is a Special Issue in many ways.This issue marks the takeover by a new publisher. Because of contractual constraints and practical reasons the decision was made to continue our journey with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, whose great enthusiasm foreshadows a bright future for the journal. Our word...

Cyberspace Odyssey

The emergence of the hominids, more than five million years ago, marked the start of the human odyssey through space and time. This book deals with the last stage of this fascinating journey: the exploration of cyberspace and cybertime. Through the rapid global implementation of information and communication technologies, a new re...
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