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Series: Philosophy

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has a rapidly growing list of key titles within its philosophy series, with edited collections and monographs exploring key themes including, among other areas, pragmatics and ethics. With a particular strength in Kantian scholarship, our series on philosophy will be of interest to scholars at all levels. To propose a new volume within an existing series, or a new series, please contact Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor, at


Explicitly or implicitly, issues of ethics underpin every aspect of life, as pubic institutions and private individuals make decisions which will inform their own welfare and the lives of others. This ethical impulse has recently gained considerable intellectual attention in the academy as many seek to understand the moral challenges and opportunities their own disciple present. This series which flows naturally from Liverpool Hope's unique ecumenical mission, is distinctive in its multi-disciplinary range and encompasses arts and humanities, social sciences, business and education publications...

Kantian Questions

The goal of Kantian Questions is to publish original work on any topic of Kantian scholarship, as well as reflections on contemporary debates that bear the imprint of Kant’s thought. The series is published by Cambridge Scholar Publishing and comprises monographs, anthologies and translations, as well as the collection Rethinking Kant, which garners papers presented at the different Study Groups of the North American Kant Society. Kantian Questions offers a new publishing venue of the highest quality and is attractive to scholars who want to reach, through the possibility of paperback editions, a readership ...

Studies in Theoretical & Applied Ethics

Studies in Theoretical & Applied Ethics provides a forum for scholars of ethics, understood in its broadest sense. The editors seek original monographs and collections of essays which will explore the philosophical problems that arise when we reflect on the question of how we ought to live, and on the resources which we might use to inform or decisions. The editors are particularly interested in work that brings to light ethical issues from across the disciplines, such as those found in the sciences, business, law, medicine, history, and literature.

Proceedings of the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics

The Proceedings of the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics (PSMLM) collects original materials presented at sessions sponsored by the Society for Medieval Logic and Metaphysics (SMLM). SMLM was founded in 2000 by Gyula Klima (Director), Joshua Hochschild, Jack Zupko and Jeffrey Brower, in order to recover the profound metaphysical insights of medieval thinkers for our own philosophical thought. The Society currently has over a hundred members on five continents. Alex Hall took up the position of Assistant Director and Secretary in 2011, with secretarial duties passing to Timothy Kearns i...

European Studies in Process Thought

The European Studies in Process Thought is a book series devoted to the historical and systematic study of process philosophy in all its aspects. Although it is indebted to a philosophical tradition, in particular to the works of William James, Charles S. Peirce, Henri Bergson, Samuel Alexander and Alfred N. Whitehead, it is not dogmatically restricted to specific authors. It also aims at exploring various philosophical problems against the background of process thinking, i.e. the position that reality is in a continuous state of becoming and defies all attempts to provide definite and irrefuta...

Nietzsche Now

Nietzsche's thinking is of contemporary relevance, not matched by any other historical thinker. He has been an influence and an inspiration in various manners since the time of his death. His importance for existentialism, post-structuralism, and feminism can hardly be underestimated. Currently, his relationship and relevance for meta-, post- and transhumanism, analytic philosophy and philosophy of science is being discussed intensely.

Psycho-Literary Perspectives in Multimodal Contexts

Psycho-Literary Perspectives in Multimodal Contexts is primarily concerned with cross-disciplinary approaches that challenge the current prevalence of “science-inspired” ways of reading about and into literature, focusing on the review, investigation, and extensive cross-modal study of text, and the precipitation of narrative spectrum via a variety of methodologies. In this book series, we publish academic monographs and edited volumes that take into consideration the practical scope of psycho-literary reading of narratives, by interrogating and challenging contemporary science-inspired ways of...

Inside Selfhood And History

Selfhood and History is a sequence of ten interrelated volumes by the American poet and philosopher Frederic Will. The titles contained therein are the culmination of work undertaken throughout the last ten years.