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Picture of Perspectives on Ecocriticism

Perspectives on Ecocriticism

Local Beginnings, Global Echoes

Editor(s): Ingemar Haag, Karin Molander Danielsson, Marie Öhman

Book Description

This volume gathers together papers presented at the conference “Ecocriticism in the Nordic Countries; Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” held in Västerås, Sweden, in 2017, organized by the research group Ecocritical Forum at Mälardalen University. The conference, which was an attempt to survey local ecocritical activities, transcended Nordic boundaries, engaging scholars from Europe and the United States. This expansion from the local to the global mirrors the subject of the conference: ecocriticism, a cross-disciplinary field of research in the intersection of environmental issues and cultural expressions.

The chapters here engage with topical issues such as the Anthropocene, sustainability in education, and civilizational critique, as well as schools of thought such as materialism, dark ecology and animal studies. The contributions discuss several types of cultural expressions, including film and other visual media, university course design and Nordic, and English language novels and poetry. This volume will attract the interest of readers from a number of different backgrounds, both in the Nordic countries and internationally.


ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-3200-7
ISBN-10: 1-5275-3200-3
Date of Publication: 01/06/2019
Pages / Size: 274 / A5
Price: £61.99


Ingemar Haag is an Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Stockholm University, Sweden. He is the author of several publications, including Att gnistra i sitt varas glans. Tankar om språkets föremålslighet och materialitet under 1900-talet [To Shine in the Brightness of its Being: Reflections on the Materiality of Language During the 20th Century] (2011).

Karin Molander Danielsson is a Senior Lecturer in English at Mälardalen University, Sweden. She has published articles on animal representation, literary naturalism and children’s literature, including “‘And in that moment I leapt upon his shoulder:’ Non-human Intradiegetic Narrators in The Wind on the Moon” in Humanities (2017).

Marie Öhman is an Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Mälardalen University, Sweden. In 2015, she published Det mänskligas natur: Posthumanistiska perspektiv hos Lars Jakobson, Peter Høeg och Kerstin Ekman [The Nature of Humanity: Posthumanist perspectives in Lars Jakobson, Peter Høeg and Kerstin Ekman].

Thorsten Päplow is an Associate Professor of German Literature at the University of Agder, Norway. His dissertation was titled “Faltenwürfe” in Heinrich Bölls ‘Irischem Tagebuch’ [“Folds” in Heinrich Böll’s ‘Irish Journal’]. He has also published on contemporary German literature, travel literature and German-Irish literary relations.