Cambridge Scholars Publishing's 10 Author Promises

Our Author Promises

We are committed to academic book publishing. We put our authors at the centre of everything we do.

We work hard to give our authors a great publishing experience. We know we succeed most of the time because our authors tell us so, and because in many cases, we have authors who have written two, three or more titles with us. Whether you are an experienced author or first-time author, and whether you are writing for us in Humanities & Social Sciences, Health Sciences, Physical Sciences or Life Sciences, we are pleased to make the following ten author promises.

  1. Fast, fair and friendly review. In our view, the review process is meant to improve, not to exclude. We always try to look for ways to help an author develop a proposal or a manuscript. Fast means that we will have initial review comments on a proposal back to you quickly – generally within four to six weeks. We can do this by drawing on our large international network of reviewers and advisors. Fair means that we judge a proposal on its merits alone, and nothing else. Friendly means we will always treat an author with courtesy and respect. Of course, we can’t publish everything that is sent to us, but if your book is just not for us, we will try to suggest ways to improve it, or suggest an alternative publisher. And we will do that in a polite and constructive way.
  2. Inclusivity and diversity. Too many academic publishers spend too much time looking for ways to exclude scholars who might not fit their norms. We believe that knowledge is like a gene pool or an ecosystem. Diversity and different voices make the ecosystem stronger, and conformity and narrowness of focus make it weaker.
  3. No fees to publish. We do not charge for publication*.
  4. Fair royalties. Our royalty payments are fair and transparent, with escalating royalties – the more titles sold, the higher the royalty payments, and with royalties earned from the first copy sold.
  5. International sales and distribution. Having gone to all the effort of writing a book, you want people to read it! We have a strong and extensive international distribution network. We work closely with the world’s biggest academic library channels, including Ebsco/GOBI, Proquest, and Amazon. We sell our books in more than 120 different countries around the world.
  6. Generous author buy-back. Many of our authors like to buy copies of their book for their own distribution or to support their own work. We offer our authors a 40% discount on the list price of your book.
  7. Special offers. When you become a Cambridge Scholars Publishing author, you get access to an exclusive club, with discounts and special offers on books. We always support our authors at conferences and events, with special offers on titles. Just ask your publisher/editor.
  8. Never out of stock. When you publish with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, we never stop working to sell your books. Our unique Print on Time system means that our distributors worldwide always have printed books available within 24 hours, and your book will never go out of print.
  9. A good-looking book. Writing a book is a labour of love. So it’s only right that it looks great when it’s published. Our titles are printed with a handsome and substantial hardback cover, as well as being available worldwide in e-book form as well.
  10. The chance to join our network and encourage our next generation of authors. As a published author with Cambridge Scholars Publishing, we know that you care about the creation and stewardship of knowledge. That means, you may want to play a part in helping others publish. You are invited to apply to join one of our Editorial Advisory Groups, and help us to find, encourage and review other authors. Knowledge has beautiful and unique properties; the more it’s used, the stronger it gets. The more it spreads, the deeper it gets. Knowledge knows no boundaries of age, culture, belief or gender. And we believe that the more people engaged in encouraging and creating knowledge, the better the world becomes.

* Like most other English-language publishers, we may suggest you employ an external language improvement service, if your manuscript needs extensive language editing. If that creates an impossible barrier for you, then let us know – we have a limited Scholarship Fund which may be able to provide help.