• "[On the Path to Health, Wellbeing, and Fulfilment: To Your Health] explores health from a variety of perspectives. Interpreting scientific studies and communicating the findings in an easy to understand way is a gift that keeps on giving."

    - Dr Beth Frates, Clinical Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

A Global Community of Authors and Readers

As a long-established English-language scholarly book publisher, we attract book and edited collection proposals from around the world. We have a truly global community of authors, editors, and readers.

There is no standard way an author comes to us. We have a high incidence of repeat authors – an author who will write two or more times for us. That makes us happy, because it’s a sure sign that we are giving good author service.

Our increasing number of titles published gives us an increased reach out into the scholarly field, which means we get referrals from authors and Editorial Advisory Board members. 

We often get conference organizers asking us to publish a selection from a conference they have organized. Like every other major scholarly publisher, we see an academic conference as a place which brings together a mix of established scholars and emerging ones. Conferences are often a great way to test ideas and to expose research to a wider audience. We encourage editors to pull together a selection of papers presented at conferences, into an edited collection. Unlike some other publishers, we don’t charge to publish proceedings – which means we can select on merit, and not be tempted to publish proceedings because someone is paying us to do so!

Similarly, some very notable scholarly works began life as a PhD thesis, and we are proud to continue and encourage that tradition. Cambridge Scholars Publishing makes no charge to publish an adapted PhD thesis.

And, like every publisher, we commission titles – inviting scholars internationally to consider writing for us.

Proposals and proposal review

No matter what the route is, every author goes through a formal proposal stage. Proposal involves completing a short but detailed form, which asks a number of questions about the author/editor, the topic, other titles in the field, and why this one is different.

All our proposals are reviewed. A proposal form asks for reviewers, and the review stage might be addressed by Editorial Advisors, or by an author’s nominated reviewers. In all cases though we try to take an inclusive view – to give everyone a voice, as far as we can.

We never charge for publication. The commercial success or failure of a title rests entirely with us. None of our books are published because an author has paid for it to be published. Titles are accepted on their academic merits. We choose what we believe adds to the scholarly body of knowledge.