Transnational Corporations Council of Studies Series

Investments by transnational corporations (TNCs) present many opportunities and challenges for economic development in the world. Although the economic impact of TNCs has been researched extensively, the important objective for this series is, by using the industry and firm-level data, to provide an opportunity to conduct more in-depth and rigorous analysis of issues related to TNCs and their role, such as what the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) is on innovation and industrial sophistication in emerging economies. China, for instance, is aiming to align FDI with upgrading industrial sophistication and supporting innovation. Yet there are few studies that examine whether FDI promotes innovation and accelerates technological progress. This series endeavors to contribute to scholarly literature on TNCs, FDI, institutional innovation and international development, and seeks qualified manuscripts for a global readership, including policy makers, multinational managers, business analysts and academia.

This series looks to deepen research and analysis of the opportunities and challenges from transnational corporations and relevant issues. Topics include:

• Development and management of transnational corporations in China and other emerging economies

• Global development strategy and mergers and acquisitions overseas

• Globalization and economic development

• Globalization of electronic commerce

• Globalization of service industry

• International entrepreneurship and internationalization of small and medium sized enterprises

• International marketing and human resources management

• International trade and investment policy

• R&D and globalization of innovation management

• Role of emerging markets in the global economy

• Significance, function and effect of Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone

• Social responsibility of transnational corporations and sustainable development

• Transnational corporations and cross-cultural management

• Transnational corporations, foreign investment and institutional innovation

• Transnational corporations’ global supply chain management

• World economic and financial research

Scientific committee:

- Sedat Aybar, Professor of Economics, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey

- Seev Hirsch, Emeritus Professor of International Business at Tel Aviv University, Israel

- Andreja Jaklič, Professor and Research Fellow at the Centre of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia

- Ewa Kaliszuk, Professor and Head of the European Integration Department at the Institute for Market, Consumption and Business Cycles Research in Warsaw

- Miguel Pérez Ludeña, Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), United Nations

- Mauricio Serra, Professor of Economics, Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil

- Issouf Soumare, Professor and Director, International Relations of FSA ULaval, Canada

The TNCCS is a society dedicated to the research and analysis of international business, management and economics in relation to TNCs, FDI, institutional innovation and international development. Located with its general secretariat in Ottawa, Canada, the TNCCS’ members, advisors and reviewers have links around the globe with connections to 28 countries and regions. This diversity and global expertise enable the TNCCS to provide various unique opportunities and services.

For more information about this series and TNCCS, please contact us at and/or Cambridge Scholars directly at:

Hugh Dang is Managing Editor of Transnational Corporations Review, and his current interests and practices relate to Asia-Pacific policy studies and international agri-biotech policy; globalization and development; and transnational corporations and investment issues. He has jointly edited or translated a number of publications, including: Special Issue on FDI China (CIJ, 2011); Special Issue on Elinor Ostrom (TNCR/OULA, 2010); Providing Global Public Goods: Managing Globalization (trans. from UNDP, People’s Daily Press, 2006); The Intellectual Crisis in American Public Administration (trans. from Vincent Ostrom, Beijing Poly-Tech University Press, 1998); Public Policies, Regulations and Government Affairs (jointly edited, Xinhua Publishing House, 1995); and Critical Biography of Karl Marx in His Youth (Hunan Publishing House, 1990).

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