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Nietzsche's thinking is of contemporary relevance, not matched by any other historical thinker. He has been an influence and an inspiration in various manners since the time of his death. His importance for existentialism, post-structuralism, and feminism can hardly be underestimated. Currently, his relationship and relevance for meta-, post- and transhumanism, analytic philosophy and philosophy of science is being discussed intensely.

As each time period has its own Nietzsche, the book series “Nietzsche Now” provides a forum for international scholars to get acquainted with the changing aspects of Nietzsche’s thought, which serve as inspiration for contemporary thinking. Both contemporary topics related to Nietzsche as well as more historically oriented topics with a central connection to today’s discourses will be dealt with in this book series.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Lorenz Sorgner is director and co-founder of the Beyond Humanism Network, is Fellow at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) and teaches philosophy at John Cabot University in Rome. He is author and editor of more than 10 books, e.g. “Menschenwürde nach Nietzsche” (WBG 2010). Furthermore, he is in great demand as a speaker in all parts of the world (e.g. TEDx; World Humanities Forum) and a regular contact person of national and international journalists and media representatives. (e.g. Die Zeit) His main fields of research are Nietzsche, the philosophy of music, bioethics and meta-, post- and transhumanism:

Yunus Tuncel, Ph.D., is a co-founder of the Nietzsche Circle based in New York City and serves on its Board of Directors and the Editorial Board of its electronic journal, The Agonist. In addition to Nietzsche and history of philosophy, he is interested in the twentieth century French thought and recent artistic, philosophical, and cultural movements, including trans-humanism and post-humanism. His primary areas of research are art, culture, myth, sports, and spectacle. He is interested in the fusion of arts and philosophy in various cultural formations. In recent times he has undertaken a project called Philomobile to explore, with interested searchers, the works and lives of philosophers on location within their historical context. His most recent book, Agon in Nietzsche, was published in 2013 by Marquette University Press.

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Nietzsche and Music: Philosophical Thoughts and Musical Experiments

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Friedrich Nietzsche and European Nihilism

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