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Nonlinear, Statistical and Applied Physics

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The Future of Post-Human Sports

Are sports really supposed to be so competitive that, as Henry R. Sanders once famously said, “Men, I'll be honest. Winning is…the only thing!”? (WK 2012)This competitive view of sports can be contrasted with a critical view by William Shakespeare, who wrote in Othello (Act. iv. Sc. 1), “They laugh that win.” (BART 2012)Contrary to...

Proceedings of the 2012 International Conference on Detection and Classification of Underwater Targets

This book consists of the proceedings of the International Conference on Detection and Classification of Underwater Targets which took place in Brest, France, in October 2012. This collection of academic papers represents the current state of the art of research and development in the areas of sensor technology, processing, modelin...

Magnetic and Electric Resonance

This book is devoted to a quasi-classical treatment of quantum transitions, with an emphasis on nuclear magnetic resonance, nuclear quadrupole resonance and electric dipolar resonance. The method described here is based on the quasi-classical description of condensed matter, and makes use of the equation of motion of harmonic oscil...

Calculus in Plant Science

The book addresses the compelling demand for quantitative training in plant biology, including comparisons of the rate of processes, the size of structures and interactions among different processes, approached at different levels from molecules to the environment. Attention is paid to aspects of modern molecular biology and to mod...

The General Theory of Particle Mechanics

This book provides insights into the tight connection between fundamental math and mechanics, the basic grounding of physics. It demonstrates that quantum, classical, and relativistic mechanics, historically (and separately) formulated upon an experimental basis, can be regarded as links of a single theoretical chain readily extrac...