09th June 2021

The Last Invention: A No Shelf Required Feature

An appeal on behalf of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in an increasingly career-driven education world

CSP Senior Advisor John Peters recently contributed a Guest Post to the influential No Shelf Required online magazine to discuss the disturbing long-term trend in academia that has seen Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences neglected in favour of more career-driven, STEM based subjects.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:

“There must not be a false division between arts and sciences, or between subjects which ‘get you a job’ and those which ‘don’t get you a job.’ AHSS fields help develop rounded, divergent thinkers. Employers like divergent thinkers, who cannot be replaced by robots. Parents, please don’t push your kids to only study STEM subjects. Help keep them engaged with AHSS. They will be more complete human beings.

On a similar note, let’s not encourage this false division by separating the two worlds. STEM subjects don’t exist in a vacuum. They are shaped by culture and belief. Ethics belongs as much in engineering and banking and medicine, as it does in philosophy and law.”

Read the full article: http://www.noshelfrequired.com/the-last-invention-an-appeal-on-behalf-of-arts-humanities-and-social-sciences-in-an-increasingly-career-driven-education-world/?fbclid=IwAR1pIIXKg_WkLo5Kpfxq-4TB-PbozOHr84fY0kSBH9I8VgfF_FEcCIapa18