Book in Focus
Solar Wind Acceleration"/>

27th June 2022

Book in Focus
Solar Wind Acceleration

By Yuri V. Pisanko, Igor S. Veselovsky and Oleg I. Yakovlev

What was your inspiration for writing the book?

We, the authors, have been studying the subject for half a century, so we felt that the time was ripe for gathering the harvest.

What does your book do differently to similar titles?

Our book is devoted not to the solar wind or inner heliosphere in general, but to its specific region where the solar wind experiences main acceleration. We discuss the subject from both the experimental point of view and the theoretical standpoint. Besides the unique experimental data obtained from receiving antennae directed almost to the Sun (which is a challenging technical task in itself), our book is also remarkable for its comprehensive analysis of Russian-language studies on the subject. To our knowledge, this is the first monograph of its kind.

What new insights has the book revealed?

Our book tries to answer the question of where and how the solar wind is accelerated up to the velocities observed at the Earth’s orbit. We propose that main acceleration occurs at heliocentric distances between 5 and 20 solar radii where the solar wind spatial structure is formed owing to electric currents in the near solar plasma environment. The solar wind acceleration region is, figuratively speaking, the space weather “kitchen” similar to the Gulf of Mexico, where the Gulf Stream originates, which is the weather “kitchen” for Europe. The more knowledge about the region we get, the more accurate space weather alerts we are able to send to customers: GPS, cellular phone owners, power distribution lines, aviation radiation hazards, etc.

Why was this book needed?

As a result of the details of solar wind acceleration near the Sun being so poorly known, the special spacecraft “Parker Solar Probe Plus” has been launched to explore the region directly at the heliocentric distance of 9.5 solar radii. This event has already attracted attention and will certainly be a major point of focus in the very near future. As such, our book is timely.

What is unique about it?

The book details unique scientific information about the solar wind acceleration region at heliocentric distances up to 3 solar radii obtained during telecommunication sessions with the “Mars-2”, “Mars-4”, “Venera-10”, “Venera-15”, and “Venera-16” spacecraft.

What is engaging?

In the last chapter of our book, we discuss why the solar wind exists in general and how it could resolve in the local interstellar medium, what are the sources and tanks of solar wind matter, and what accelerates the solar wind. We also describe various scientific problems, the solution of which can be advanced by flights to the Sun, and the possibilities of forecasting solar wind gusts.

Yuri V. Pisanko is Head of Department at Fedorov Institute of Applied Geophysics, Russia, and holds a PhD in Geophysics from the same institution. He also holds a DSc in Atmospheric Sciences from the High Attestation Committee of the Russian Federation. He is a Professor at the Chair of the Ocean’s Thermo-hydromechanics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Igor S. Veselovsky is Principal Scientist at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia, and holds a PhD from the same institution. He also holds a DSc in Plasma Physics and Chemistry from the High Attestation Committee of the Soviet Union. He was Co-Chair of the “Physics of the Sun and Heliosphere” section of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy in 1991-1999.

Oleg I. Yakovlev is Principal Scientist at the Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and holds a PhD in Physics from Tomsk State University, Russia. He also holds a DSc in Technical Sciences from the High Attestation Committee of the Soviet Union, and was twice awarded the USSR State Prize for the study of radio-wave propagation in deep space. He has also received the title of Honorary Scientist and Engineer of the Russian Federation.

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