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Nelson Mandela Day 2014

On 18th July, Cambridge Scholars will be proudly celebrating Nelson Mandela Day to recognise the late Mr Nelson Mandela’s dedication to the values that promote conflict resolution, improved race relations, human rights and gender equality. The Mandela Day campaign was inaugurated as a vehicle to create a ‘dynamic’ legacy of Mandela’s life. Its message is simple – that each individual has the ability and responsibility to impact positive change every day.

Mandela gave 67 years of his life to the struggle for social justice. On the 18th July, individuals, businesses, NGO’s and government departments will be donating 67 minutes of their day to doing something good for the local community in any way they can.

Cambridge Scholars will be promoting the love of books and literature in our local community by donating books from our back catalogue to the region’s libraries, here in the United Kingdom. The lifelong education of the public is a worthy cause, close to our hearts, not least because of our love of the printed word, but also in light of the sweeping local government budget cuts, which have resulted in the closure of many of our local libraries throughout the UK.

Are you planning to participate in Nelson Mandela Day? If so, we would love to hear your stories about how you will be commemorating his legacy. Please drop us a line.

For further information on Nelson Mandela Day, please click here.

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