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Cambridge Scholars Publishing offers a particularly strong and diverse collection of music books, ranging from interdisciplinary music studies in rapidly emerging fields such as ethnomusicology and music technologies to detailed studies and analyses of some of the world's greatest composers. Together, this collection forms a broad and thought-provoking music library which will be of interest to music scholars, educators and students alongside historians and the interested general reader.

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Sound Worlds from the Body to the City

This volume reveals the extent to which aural perception influences our spatial awareness. Spanning various fields and practices, from psychology to geography, and from zoology to urban planning, it covers a range of environments in which sounds contribute to forming our sense of space and place. The contributions gathered here lea...

Transnational Trills in the Africana World

This volume focuses on how music and arts in the global Africana world are used for political and social change. It will be an essential resource for scholars and students in African studies, Africana, Afro-Atlantic studies, diaspora studies, sociology, music, literature, politics and culture. The volume is divided into three secti...

Music Performance Anxiety

Music Performance Anxiety (MPA) has been proven to affect many individuals, independent of age, gender, experience and hours of practice. This book provides an excellent and updated review of the literature on the topic, including concept, epidemiology, methodical aspects and interventional studies. Suggestions of the correct use o...

Music Therapy in Turkey

The use of music in therapeutic practice in Turkey and the surrounding geographical regions is not a new phenomenon. Until recently, however, the music therapy profession, as it is known in the modern world, had not been institutionalized as a scientific discipline in Turkey. However in recent years, encouraging developments have s...

Popular Music, Ethnicity and Politics in the Kenya of the 1990s

Okatch Biggy was the single most dominant benga artiste of the 1990s. Over that decade, benga was the most important genre of popular music in Kenya. What is it about the music of Okatch Biggy that made it attractive to his target audience, the Luo of the 1990s? Is there something about the Luo of the 1990s that predisposed them to...

Bruce Springsteen’s America

Weaving from jargon-free critical analysis to a fan’s passionate participatory research, this book places work and class at the center of the work of Bruce Springsteen. It juxtaposes the “uninspiring” work of his characters (factory workers, carwash attendants, cashiers, waitresses, farmhands, and immigrants) with the work of Bruce...

Small Places, Operatic Issues

This book details original case studies that represent five different social positions or characterisations of opera: namely, opera as social showcase from Bayreuth (1748), social distinction from Ljubljana (1887), social conflict from Brno (1920), social status from Mantua (1999) and social manifest from Belgrade (2005). These pos...

Transatlantic Malagueñas and Zapateados in Music, Song and Dance

Transatlantic Malagueñas and Zapateados is an exploration of two fandango dances, recording the circulations of people, imagery, music, and dance across what were once the Spanish and Portuguese Empires. Although these dance-musics seem to be mirror images, the unbreachable space between them reflects the political fault-lines alon...
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