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Cambridge Scholars Publishing offers a particularly strong and diverse collection of music books, ranging from interdisciplinary music studies in rapidly emerging fields such as ethnomusicology and music technologies to detailed studies and analyses of some of the world's greatest composers. Together, this collection forms a broad and thought-provoking music library which will be of interest to music scholars, educators and students alongside historians and the interested general reader.

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Interconnecting Music and the Literary Word

Dealing with the interconnections between music and the written word, this volume brings into focus an updated range of analytical and interpretative approaches which transcend the domain of formalist paradigms and the purist assumption of music’s non-referentiality. Grouped into three thematic sections, these fifteen essays by Ita...

Musical Aesthetics

This book contains six chapters covering key areas of musical aesthetics, including aesthetics of emotions; aesthetics of listening; aesthetics of performance; aesthetics of composition; aesthetics of nature; and aesthetics of commerce. Each chapter adopts an experiential approach to aesthetics, in which perceptual and intuitive mu...

Meyerbeer’s Le Prophète

For a period of close to half a century, French grand opéra, as exemplified by the works of Giacomo Meyerbeer and his school, was the preferred form of music for the theatre in most of the civilized world. During the July Monarchy, French grand operas, with their plots drawn from historical events, tended to be received as metaphor...

Music on Stage Volume III

The Music on Stage conferences are a unique engine for interdisciplinary interaction, which is reflected in this compendium of the latest research by international scholars. Scholars and practitioners of operas by Handel, Mozart, Thomas, Chabrier, Korngold and Taktakishvili will find new “readings” from hitherto unexplored contexts...

Sounds of Origin in Heavy Metal Music

This book originates from the 2017 edition of the multidisciplinary Modern Heavy Metal Conference, organised in Helsinki, Finland. This collection of seven scholarly essays explores local scenes and identities within heavy metal music from multiple angles, covering a variety of different countries and metal sub-genres from Finland ...

Consciousness, Performing Arts and Literature

Against the background of personal, institutional and cultural trajectories, this book considers dance, opera, theatre and practice as research from a consciousness studies perspective. Highlights include a conversation with Barbara Sellers-Young on the nature of dance; an assessment of the work of International Opera Theater; a ne...

Music and Sonic Art

This volume brings together practitioners and theorists of music and sonic art. Contributions explore a wide range of historical, artistic, pedagogical and critical issues from multiple perspectives, emphasizing the continuities and links along a broad spectrum of hearing and listening practices and art-making that use sound....

Collaborative and Distributed Processes in Contemporary Music-Making

This volume represents the second proceedings of the Royal Musical Association’s (RMA) Music and/as Process Study Group. It is not surprising that a large number of the contributors to the Music and/as Process Study Group are active practitioners in the performance and composition of contemporary music. The collaborations documente...

Italy's Primacy in Musical History

This remarkable revelatory reference work, written in a conversational style that is witty and fast-paced, argues that the Italian people did more for the development and propagation of music than any other people in the world. The book is filled with supporting data that prove this claim, showing that the first written music was a...

Jazz Italiano

Italy has always been a land enamored of music, but in the early 20th century it was jazz that seduced many Italian music lovers. Loud, brash and syncopated, it was an imported passion that came from across the Atlantic; it was first performed by visiting American troupes and returning emigrants. Eventually Italians began creating ...

Performance Analysis

This collection of essays highlights different questions concerning music theory, interpretation, and performance. Organized into four chapters, the first section looks into interpretation from a hermeneutic perspective, whereas the second analyses the application of this knowledge in musical practice. The discussion turns, in the ...

The Canterbury Catch Club 1826

In 1825, an enterprising Canterbury newsagent by the name of Henry Ward raised a subscription to commission a lasting tribute to his beloved musical society. The result was a fine lithograph showing 100 gentlemen in assured poses, carefully placed in surroundings eloquently freighted with classical allusion, cultural literacy, deep...
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