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Methodology and History of Economic Thought

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A Philosophical Look at Keynes and Hayek

This book examines the constructive crossing between philosophy, semiotics, and economics. The complexity of current socioeconomic policy problems demands revision of our conceptual outlooks and recognition of the importance of fresh insights into Keynes and Hayek in the context of capitalism and globalization, contributing to unpr...

A First Course in Mathematical Economics

The book studies a set of mathematical tools and techniques most necessary for undergraduate economics majors as they transition from largely non-technical first-year principles courses into calculus-based upper-level courses in economics. The book’s presentation style places more emphasis on the intuition underlying the mathematic...

Alfred Marshall’s Last Challenge

This text presents Alfred Marshall’s final, unfinished, and unpublished book. His main volume, Principles of Economics, was first published in 1890, and was, for a long period of time, the textbook par excellence on which generations of economists were trained. Despite its success and its importance, the book, in its eight editions...
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