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Meet our Authors: Dr Mayako Shimamoto - January 2019

Dr Mayako Shimamoto is a Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School of Language and Culture, Osaka University, Japan. After receiving a PhD in American History from Osaka University in 2012, a summary of her dissertation was published in the Journal of American Studies from the American Studies Association of Korea (ASAK) in 2013. As a historian, she also co-authored the Historical Dictionary of Japanese Foreign Policy, published in the US in 2015. Her current research focus is Japan’s nuclear policy in the context of US-Japan relations.

Henry A. Wallace’s Criticism of America’s Atomic Monopoly, 1945-1948 is the first book Dr Shimamoto has published with Cambridge Scholars. This book presents a biographical account of one of the most important individuals of the 20th century and emphasises both his commitment to peace and his influence on the outcome of the fraught post-war era.

Here is Dr Shimamoto on her first experience of publishing with us:

“When I received an email from Cambridge Scholars Publishing, it was an amazing surprise. This gave me great joy and encouragement, as my dissertation, a full description and criticism of America’s atomic policy, was neglected by a US publisher, but CSP did not. How generous and fair! The process of formatting and editing the manuscripts has been smooth, and moreover, the CSP artistic designer produced a wonderful dust cover for me. Thanks to CSP’s efforts, I have recently found that libraries of US universities are holding my book, including Amazon Japan which has started to market the book on their website!”

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