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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s edited collections and monographs present leading research in medicine across key topics, including the history of medicine, medical ethics, and clinical practice and surgery. Combined, this diverse collection of books will be of interest to healthcare professionals and medical students, as well as researchers in the humanities. 

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Science Research and Education in Africa

For various economic and political reasons, many African countries lag behind the rest of the industrialised world in scientific and medical research and development. However, the presence of intellectual islands scattered across the continent gives hope that this is only a transient situation on the cusp of undergoing a profound a...

Solar-Energy-Absorbing Substances and Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Diseases

This book explores various topics relevant to understanding the complexities of biological effects generated by solar radiation. Solar-energy-absorbing substances are evaluated, including sunscreen agents, and their influence on cancers and diseases. One assumption is the use of sunscreen agents cannot prevent the photoinitiation o...

Caring Architecture

Architecture is hard stuff. It is formed by walls, roofs, floors, all components of hard materials, stone, glass and wood. It distributes people in space and directs their doings and movements. Institutions are even harder stuff. Order is pushed a step further by the coerciveness of discursive architectural models and caring practi...

Risk and Regulation at the Interface of Medicine and the Arts

This book brings together an edited selection of presentations from the Association for Medical Humanities annual conference 2015, held at Dartington Hall, UK, that address the question: How might innovative performing arts help to develop medical education and practice? It includes papers and accounts of both keynote talks and per...

The Herb in History, Mysteries and Crafts

This book is not the usual herbal; not a homeopathic handbook, a cookbook or a gardener’s consort; not even a compendium of history or lore, though these are its favourite pursuits. At heart, it is a tale of humanity’s poignant relationship with nature. Told in short vignettes, profusely illustrated and sprinkled with personal asid...

Progress in Medical Geology

This volume represents a compendium of research conducted by international scholars who participated in the 2nd Symposium on Advances in Geospatial held during “The 5th International Conference on Medical Geology” in Arlington, Virginia, USA, in 2013. The research topics dealt with here mainly focus on the new scientific field of m...

Medical Humanities in Theory and Practice

This volume explores the social, historical and cultural dimensions of medicine, and promotes a multifaceted approach towards health, illness, healthcare and body. The articles gathered here focus on various issues relevant to medical knowledge, public health policies, and the experiences of being ill and of caring for those who ar...

Science, Public Health and Nation-Building in Soekarno-Era Indonesia

In 1949, the newly-independent Indonesia inherited a health system that was devastated by three-and-a-half years of Japanese occupation and four years of revolutionary struggle against the Dutch. Additionally, the country had to cope with the resurgence of epidemic and endemic diseases. The Ministry of Health had initiated a number...

Arts, Health and Wellbeing

This book brings together leading UK researchers in the field of arts and health, including creative arts therapies. The chapters are based on presentations originally given at a UK seminar series on scholarship and research on connections between the creative arts, health and wellbeing, funded by the Economic and Social Research C...

Rejuvenating Medical Education

Returning to Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey for inspiration, this book uses these epics as a medium through which we might think imaginatively about key issues in contemporary medicine and medical education. These issues include doctors as heroes, and the legacy of heroic medicine in an age of clinical teamwork, collaboration and a more...

A Companion to the English Version of J. Liébault's Treatise on the Diseases of Women

Jean Liébault (1535–1596), a doctor of medicine and an agronomist born in Dijon, contributed to the emergence of modern gynaecology by rescuing the Hippocratic medical tradition that recognized the specificity of the female body. His main work, a comprehensive treatise devoted to describing and treating the diseases of women, was h...

The Proceedings of the 22nd Annual History of Medicine Days Conference 2013

The Proceedings of the Calgary History of Medicine Days represent a series of volumes in the history of medicine and healthcare that publishes the work of young and emerging researchers in the field, hence providing a unique publishing format. The annual Calgary History of Medicine Days Conference, established in 1991, brings toget...
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