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Cambridge Scholars Publishing’s edited collections and monographs present leading research in medicine across key topics, including the history of medicine, medical ethics, and clinical practice and surgery. Combined, this diverse collection of books will be of interest to healthcare professionals and medical students, as well as researchers in the humanities. 

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A Practical Guide to Promoting Social Participation in Seniors

This volume represents an instruction manual for community workers and academic researchers wishing to conduct community-based participatory action research. The principles and experience described here will also be useful for any individual from charitable bodies, government agencies, and academic institutions desiring to work wit...

Body Talk in the Medical Humanities

This exciting book draws on the insight and experience of 21 medical practitioners and researchers in the wider field of the medical humanities to ask fundamental questions related to illness, bodily experience, the experience and role of medical and healthcare professionals, and the contribution of language and communication to en...

Clinical Expressive Arts Therapy in Theory and Practice

This volume makes a tremendous contribution to the field of expressive arts therapy through its presentation of clear and profound theoretical bases to a relatively new profession in the domain of psychotherapy. It applies comprehensive, in-depth psychological knowledge to practical cases which shed light on clinical interventions ...

Critical Dialogues in the Medical Humanities

This volume illustrates ongoing discussions in and about the medical humanities with studies on different approaches to the relationship between medical science and practice and the humanities, including reflections based on fiction, art, history, socio-economic and political concerns, architecture and natural landscapes. The book ...

Meltdown and the Neuroscience of Stress

This book investigates the concept of stress, how it causes a cluster of life-threatening diseases, and what you can do to save yourself. It is a summation of what the author, a neurologist, has learned about stress throughout his career. Stress damages the brain in specific ways that cause migraine headaches, high blood pressure, and obesity. These conditions lead eventually to stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, and heart attacks. It all starts in the brain. The book will appeal to the medical community, such as doctors, nurses and medical students, as well as the general reader who suffers from stress and is looking for some hard scientific facts about it.

The History and Mystery of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer and its treatment is a terribly complex problem that involves all the intricacies of the human body, the anatomical and microscopic anatomy of the breast, the endocrine system, and bone metabolism, as well as the nature of malignant transformation. Even experts still have uncertainties. However, there is now an ethical and legal obligation for specialists to share their uncertainties with their patients when we are looking for informed consent before invasive procedures. Obsessive ruminations about the threat of breast cancer mean that few in the lay public know that breast cancer has slipped out of the top seven causes of death for women. Treatments for breast cancer might increase the risk of death from cardio-vascular disease, whilst, on the other hand, denying women in this age group hormone replacement therapy for the unjustified fear of breast cancer can impair their quality of life, cognitive function and bone mineral density. The totality of women’s health and expectation of life must always trump the single-issue fanatics who only view women as the sum of their two breasts.This is more than a self-help book, but should also be considered as introducing the history and mystery of breast cancer, from the time of the Ancient Egyptians to the modern era, as well as hopes for the future.
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