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Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

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Complex Networks and their Applications

Fuelled by the big data paradigm, the study of networks is an interdisciplinary field that is growing at the interface of many branches of science including mathematics, physics, computer science, biology, economics and the social sciences. This book, written by experts from the Network Science community, covers a wide range of the...

Constructive Adpositional Grammars

This book presents a new paradigm of natural language grammar analysis, based on adposition as the key concept, considered a general connection between two morphemes – or group of morphemes. The adpositional paradigm considers the morpheme as the basic unit to represent morphosyntax, taken as a whole, in terms of constructions, whi...

From a Heuristic Point of View

How do we get new knowledge? Following the maverick tradition in the philosophy of science, Carlo Cellucci gradually came to the conclusion that logic can only fulfill its role in mathematics, science and philosophy if it helps us to answer this question. He argues that mathematical logic is inadequate and that we need a new logic,...

From Foundations to Philosophy of Mathematics

From Foundations to Philosophy of Mathematics provides an historical introduction to the most exciting period in the foundations of mathematics, starting with the discovery of the paradoxes of logic and set theory at the beginning of the twentieth century and continuing with the great foundational debate that took place in the 1920...

Logic and Knowledge

The problematic relation between logic and knowledge has given rise to some of the most important works in the history of philosophy, from Books VI–VII of Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Prior and Posterior Analytics, to Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason and Mill’s A System of Logic, Ratiocinative and Inductive. It provides the title...

Ranges of Bimodule Projections and Conditional Expectations

The algebraic theory of corner subrings introduced by Lam (as an abstraction of the properties of Peirce corners eRe of a ring R associated with an idempotent e in R) is investigated here in the context of Banach and C*-algebras. We propose a general algebraic approach which includes the notion of ranges of (completely) contractive...

Risk Assessment of Food Supply

In recent years, food prices have been volatile worldwide. High and fluctuating food prices have led to riots in many low income countries, and have increased the world poverty population. Both developed and developing nations are rushing to buy farmland, even outside their own countries, for their future food security, which indic...

The Future of Post-Human Geometry

Why should some essential properties of geometry (i.e., infinity, symmetry, and dimensionality) be both necessary and desirable in the way that they have been constructed—albeit with different modifications over time—since time immemorial?Contrary to the conventional wisdom in all history hitherto existing, the essential properties...

The Future of Post-Human Mass Media

Why should mass media be informational and accurate as much as its proponents would claim—and, conversely, disinformational and propagandistic as much as its critics would argue? Contrary to the conventional wisdom held by many since the modern era of mass media, neither of the two opposing views is correct, to the extent that a t...

The Future of Post-Human Mathematical Logic

Why should mathematical logic be grounded on the basis of some formal requirements in the way that it has been developed since its classical emergence as a hybrid field of mathematics and logic in the 19th century or earlier? Contrary to conventional wisdom, the foundation of mathematic logic has been grounded on some false (or dog...

Recent Progress in the Boolean Domain

In today’s world, people are using more and more digital systems in daily life. Such systems utilize the elementariness of Boolean values. A Boolean variable can carry only two different Boolean values: FALSE or TRUE (0 or 1), and has the best interference resistance in technical systems. However, a Boolean function exponentially d...

A Priori Revisability in Science

The most influential rationalist model of scientific knowledge is arguably the one formulated recently by Michael Friedman. The central epistemic claim of the model concerns the character of its fundamental principles which are said to be independent from experience. Friedman’s position faces the modern empiricist challenge: he has...
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