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Our titles in Mathematics at Cambridge Scholars Publishing focus primarily on the theorisation and application of pure mathematical formulae and equations, with a number of titles analysing geometry, logic, and mathematical programming. A growing subset of books also consider questions of statistics and probability, and the collection as a whole will be essential reading for mathematicians at any stage of their career, academic or otherwise.

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Statistical Techniques for Modelling Extreme Value Data and Related Applications

This book tackles some modern trends and methods in the modelling of extreme data. Usually such data arise from random phenomena such as floods, hurricanes, air and water pollutants, extreme claim sizes, life spans, and maximum sizes of ecological populations. It provides the latest statistical methods to model these random phenome...

The Fluid Catastrophe

By abandoning classical theory and adopting a liberating, empirical approach to fluid behaviour, this book sheds new light on Global Warming, on Ice Ages, why the wind makes waves bigger, and the origin of the Earth’s magnetic field. At heart, it is concerned with how meaning can be extracted from a sequence of measurements—time se...

The Origin of Geometry in India

This book is the first complete study of the origin of geometry in India. In Ancient India, brick-built fire-altars (citi-s) were ordained for the Soma sacrifice, a Vedic rite, which led to the compilation of rule-books for making and arranging bricks. These volumes, called Śulbasūtra-s, represent the first available texts of both ...

Exact Sciences in Greek Antiquity

This book consists of 24 papers on ancient Greek science and technology. It covers such areas as mathematics, physics, engineering, astronomical methods and instruments, and environmental issues. A great variety of topics are discussed, including medical care in ancient Olympiads, mathematical concepts in Plato, the concept of the ...

Research Topics in Graph Theory and Its Applications

This book considers a number of research topics in graph theory and its applications, including ideas devoted to alpha-discrepancy, strongly perfect graphs, reconstruction conjectures, graph invariants, hereditary classes of graphs, and embedding graphs on topological surfaces. It also discusses applications of graph theory, such a...


This book highlights the threefold consilience of sociology, thermodynamics, and the game theory of metaphorical hawks and doves. In a mixed population of social or ethnic groups, segregation into separate colonies is commonly observed in economically hard times. In more affluent times, the groups co-exist in a homogeneous mix.This...

The Analysis of Selected Algorithms for the Stochastic Paradigm

This book analyses selected algorithms for random and stochastic phenomena in the areas of basic probability, random variables, mathematical expectation, special probability and statistical distributions, random processes, and Markov chains. It also presents a novel approach, titled the “Complex Probability Paradigm”, and applies i...

Variational Analysis with Applications in Optimisation and Control

This book focuses on the calculus of variations and related applications which combine tools and methods from partial differential equations with geometrical techniques. More precisely, it is devoted to nonlinear problems coming from different areas, with particular reference to those introducing new techniques capable of solving a...

Antenna Synthesis through the Characteristics of Desired Amplitude

The book is devoted to the synthesis problems that arise in the theory and design of radiating systems (antennas). The characteristics of desired amplitude are data placed into a synthesis problem. A synthesis problem belongs to a class of inverse problems and its aim is to determine a distribution of current or fields in an antenn...

Linear and Integer Programming

This book is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of statistics, mathematics, operations research, and engineering. It provides the basic concepts and methods of linear and integer linear programming. The text begins with an introduction containing the mathematical background to the subject matter, and goe...

Modelling Emergency Situations in the Drilling of Deep Boreholes

The era of easily acquiring oil and gas is over. Now, to extract these resources, deep vertical and curvilinear, off-shore and ground-based boreholes are drilled in inclement climate conditions and in complex heterogeneous tectonic rocks. Additional novelties have also been assimilated into these technologies by the shale revolutio...

Multivariate Techniques

Multivariate analyses are popular in many areas of life and require special attention. This book covers both theoretical and applied aspects of such analyses. It begins with an overview of multivariate terminology, including joint distributions and some matrix algebra, and provides insight into various popular multivariate distribu...
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