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Our titles in Mathematics at Cambridge Scholars Publishing focus primarily on the theorisation and application of pure mathematical formulae and equations, with a number of titles analysing geometry, logic, and mathematical programming. A growing subset of books also consider questions of statistics and probability, and the collection as a whole will be essential reading for mathematicians at any stage of their career, academic or otherwise.

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Recent Progress in the Boolean Domain

In today’s world, people are using more and more digital systems in daily life. Such systems utilize the elementariness of Boolean values. A Boolean variable can carry only two different Boolean values: FALSE or TRUE (0 or 1), and has the best interference resistance in technical systems. However, a Boolean function exponentially d...

A Priori Revisability in Science

The most influential rationalist model of scientific knowledge is arguably the one formulated recently by Michael Friedman. The central epistemic claim of the model concerns the character of its fundamental principles which are said to be independent from experience. Friedman’s position faces the modern empiricist challenge: he has...

Constraints and Language

The concept of “constraint” is widely used in linguistics, computer science, and psychology. However, its implementation varies widely depending on the research domain: namely, language description, knowledge representation, cognitive modelling, and problem solving. These various uses of constraints offer complementary views on int...

Mathematics in Industry

In this book, a wide range of problems concerning recent achievements in the field of industrial and applied mathematics are presented. It provides new ideas and research for scientists developing and studying mathematical methods and algorithms, and researchers applying them for solving real-life problems. The importance of the co...

Evolutionary Games and Poverty Traps

This book explores how persistent states of underdevelopment can arise in strategic environments in which players are imitative rather than fully rational. Standard growth theory teaches that poverty traps are stable, low-level balanced growth paths to which economies gravitate due to adverse initial conditions or poor equilibrium ...

Eurasian Economies in Transition

This book explores the economic environment in Eurasian countries, particularly investigating the transition economies in Asia, Central Asia and the former Soviet socialist bloc countries. It analyses the region from the perspective of globalisation and economic integration, economic growth and development, international trade and ...

The Economic Function of Deferred Taxes

Deferred tax is an accounting category that forms part of tax expense and affects the reported amounts of profit after tax for businesses. This book explores the issue of deferred taxes at both the theoretical and practical levels, and investigates the financial aspects of such deferred taxes and their economic function in companie...

A Statistical Biography of George Udny Yule

Udny Yule’s seminal influence on time series analysis has long been recognized but much less recognized is that Yule was not only a wonderful expositor but that he had also published equally important research in an extraordinarily wide range of fields, from developing the theory of correlation and regression to providing mathemati...

Manipulative Voting Dynamics

One of the most actively growing subareas in multi-agent systems is computational social choice theory, which provides a theoretical foundation for preference aggregation and collective decision-making in multi-agent domains. It is concerned with the application of techniques developed in computer science, including complexity anal...

Understanding Interactions in Complex Systems

Since human activities are embedded in interactions, they are at the very center of the modeling of any form of social life, shaping societies, groups and interpersonal relationships. All theories of social, cognitive and cultural life are thus associated with explicit or tacit models of the nature of interactions and relations. Th...

Elements of Statistics

This book represents a crucial resource for students taking a required statistics course who are intimidated by statistical symbols, formulae, and daunting equations. It will serve to prepare the reader to achieve the level of statistical literacy required not only to understand basic statistics, but also to embark on their advance...

Further Improvements in the Boolean Domain

The amount of digital systems supporting our daily life is increasing continuously. Improved technical facilities for their production have led to growing challenges for engineers and scientists working in the Boolean domain. A Boolean variable can only carry two different Boolean values: FALSE or TRUE (0 or 1), and has the best in...
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