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Picture of Managing Globalization

Managing Globalization

New Business Models, Strategies and Innovation

Editor(s): Stefano Breciani, Matteo Rossi, Demetris Vrontis

Book Description

Globalization stems from the verb “to globalize”, which embodies the concept of international interdependence and influence between various social and economic systems. In an increasingly globalized market environment, there is an impetus for many firms to look to foreign markets in order to maintain competitive advantage. Over recent years, it has been possible to see dramatic changes that have strong impacts on all businesses.

Strategic process can provide an overall strategic direction to the management of an organization, and gives a specific direction to areas like financial strategy, marketing strategy, organizational development strategy and human resources strategy, in order to achieve success.

Innovation is the foundation of economic growth and corporate prosperity.

Finally, entrepreneurship provides all the necessary mobilization for this growth and prosperity.

In this respect, this book provides scientific evidence and direction to businesses competing in the contemporary competitive and changing environment. As such, it is an essential reference source, building on the available literature in the field of globalization, strategic management and innovation use, while providing for further research opportunities in this dynamic field.

The book presents research and paradigms that transcend classical theory in order to examine how business practice is positively affected by these conditions. Across a multitude of sectors and organisational types, scholars of different business specialisations set the theoretical foundations of contemporary thinking and present their practical implementations.


ISBN-13: 978-1-4438-8897-4
ISBN-10: 1-4438-8897-4
Date of Publication: 01/05/2016
Pages / Size: 323 / A5
Price: £52.99


Dr Demetris Vrontis is Professor of Marketing and Executive Dean at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus. Professor Vrontis is the Editor-in-Chief of the EuroMed Journal of Business and the President of the EuroMed Research Business Institute. His prime research interests are in strategic marketing planning, branding, marketing communications, and wine marketing, areas in which he has widely published and consulted.

Stefano Bresciani, PhD, is Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Torino, Italy, and Visiting Professor at Open University of Lisbon and University of Nicosia, Cyprus. His main areas of research include innovation management, international business and open innovation. He is also the Country Director for Italy of the EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI) and Chairman of the EMRBI Research Group on “Multinational enterprises and corporate governance”.

Matteo Rossi is an Assistant Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Sannio, Italy. He holds a PhD in Corporate Governance, and his prime research interests are corporate finance, financing innovation, wine marketing, and innovation systems. He is the Vice President for International Relations of the EuroMed Research Business Institute (EMRBI). He is the Section Editor for Finance and Financial Markets of the Global Business and Economics Review and Associate Editor of the International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business.