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From collected essays on leading literary figures to innovative insights into world literature, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Literature collection covers a wide spectrum, from Medieval literature, to Twentieth Century classics, and beyond. It includes award-winning titles of interest to scholars and the general reader. Covering cultural and theoretical approaches, our studies in this collection include leading edge research with a significant interdisciplinary reach.

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A History of Armenian Women's Writing

A History of Armenian Women’s Writing: 1880-1921 introduces the reader to the wealth and diversity of women’s writing in Armenian in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The volume focuses on six Armenian women writers-Srpouhi Dussap, Sibyl, Mariam Khatisian, Marie Beylerian, Shushanik Kurghinian and Zabel Yesayian an...

Aimer et mourir

Aimer et Mourir offers a wide-ranging selection of essays that collectively address how, from the Middle Ages to the present, the notions of love and death get inextricably associated with the narratives that are women’s lives. Some of the essays tackle male writers’ representations that link women and, in particular, women’s sexua...

A Journey through Knowledge

A Journey through Knowledge: Festschrift in Honour of Hortensia Pârlog is a collection of articles dedicated to one of the best known Romanian university teachers and linguists, both in her home country and well beyond its borders.The heterogenous material (both in terms of the range of issues tackled and in terms of the approaches...

A Laodicean

Despite its happy ending, unusual in Hardy's mature novels, A Laodicean is a typically uncompromising examination of the world as Hardy found it, specifically denominational rivalry, medievalism and novelistic attitudes to marriage....

Albert Camus’s The Stranger

Often marginalised on the sidelines of both philosophy and literature, the works of Albert Camus have, in recent years, undergone a renaissance. While most readers in either discipline claim Camus and his works to be ‘theirs’, the scholars presented in this volume tend to see him and his works in both philosophy and literature.This...

Alienation and Resistance

This collection draws together recent work by new and emerging scholars which examines the representation of alienation and resistance in texts and images, both modern and traditional. The essays collected here incorporate both “high” and “low” culture, covering a wide range of disciplines from traditional literary sources to the m...


If the eighteenth century was the age of reason and enlightenment, the nineteenth century was undeniably the age of movement. This tumultuous period in French history bore witness to the rise and fall of countless political movements, from revolutions and “coups d’état”, to popular protests and the first workers’ strikes. It was an...

American Literary-Political Engagements

American Literary-Political Engagements: From Poe to James examines how authors in the nineteenth-century United States often engaged the politics of their times through literature as they conceptualized political issues in literary terms. Concerns over Jacksonian democracy, social reform in a rapidly industrializing American econo...

American Modernism

Encompassing writers from Edith Wharton, Ezra Pound and T.S. Eliot to Willa Cather, Theodore Dreiser and Gertrude Stein, American Modernism: Cultural Transactions is a comprehensive and informative companion to the field of American literary modernism. This groundbreaking new book explores the changing patterns of American literary...

American Notes

This account of Dickens' first tour of the United States was deeply, and probably to some extent deliberately, controversial on its first publication. It shifts between specific observation and outspoken general comment on the USA at the time....

A Modest Proposal in the Context of Swift’s Irish Tracts

Swift's A Modest Proposal has always aroused the interest not just of literary critics, but also of linguists and pragmatists. Within the latter approaches, the study of irony, and more concretely, the intentions and attitudes that must have guided the production of such an intricate work, have always been paramount. However, it se...

Analysing David Peace

Analysing David Peace provides an exciting, challenging and accessible critical introduction to the work of contemporary British novelist David Peace. Through a detailed analysis of his writings, as well as the socio-cultural contexts of their production and dissemination, the collection explores Peace’s attempts to capture the sen...
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