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From collected essays on leading literary figures to innovative insights into world literature, the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Literature collection covers a wide spectrum, from Medieval literature, to Twentieth Century classics, and beyond. It includes award-winning titles of interest to scholars and the general reader. Covering cultural and theoretical approaches, our studies in this collection include leading edge research with a significant interdisciplinary reach.

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Fatal Attractions, Abjection, and the Self in Literature from the Restoration to the Romantics

This book examines Julia Kristeva’s theory of abjection in several works by early British writers from the Restoration to the Romantic era. This period saw an increased emphasis on understanding the self. Poems with anxious speakers or narratives featuring characters with considerable psychic pressures emerged as writers responded ...

New Interpretations of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird and Go Set a Watchman

Featuring essays from an international group of scholars, this volume addresses Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird (1960), the American literary classic, and her controversial Go Set a Watchman (2015). The contributions include productive new interpretations from diverse critical angles, including US literary and cultural history, ...

Publishing and Culture

Publishing is currently going through dramatic changes, from globalisation to the digital revolution. A whole culture of events, practices and processes has emerged centred around books and writing, which means that scholars of publishing need to understand it as a social and cultural practice as much as it is a business. This book...

Symon Patrick (1626-1707) and His Contribution to the Post-1660 Restored Church of England

History has not been kind to Symon Patrick. His fifty years of ministry spanned the closing years of Cromwell’s rule and the start of Queen Anne’s reign, and ranged from service as a Church of England minister in two fashionable London parishes to appointment as the “latitudinarian” Bishop of Ely. He influenced a major change in th...

The Invisible Bridge between the United Kingdom and Piedmont

History books frequently refer to supposed similarities between the Italian region of Piedmont and the United Kingdom and their respective inhabitants. Historians, with a certain degree of emphasis, have described as a “special relationship” or an “ancient friendship” this long-term and privileged liaison. Regardless of the rhetori...

The Language of Literature and its Meaning

There is a marked awareness about the language of literature and its meaning both in Indian and Western aesthetic thinking. The aestheticians of both schools hold that the language of literature embodies a significant aspect of human experience, and represents a creative pattern of verbal structure to impart meaning effectively.Mod...

The Self as Other in Minority American Life Writing

Hinting at Rimbaud’s provocative dictum that “I is an other,” this anthology discusses a wide-ranging array of twentieth-century and contemporary minority American modes of life writing, prompted by the following questions: Who (else) hides behind this “I” that the author-narrator-character “contractually” claims to be? What generi...

A History of Alcman’s Early Reception

This book constructs a history of Alcman’s early reception from the Archaic times until the Hellenistic period, from the composition of his poetry until its first attested systematic edition, taking into consideration the existence of a tradition of partheneia and its implications. Can it be suggested that the emerging book culture...

Anglophone Literature and Culture in the Anthropocene

Defined as an ecological epoch in which humans have the most impact on the environment, the Anthropocene poses challenging questions to literary and cultural studies. If, in the Anthropocene, the distinction between nature and culture increasingly collapses, we have to rethink our division between historiography and natural history...

China Beyond the Binary

This book brings together Ancient Chinese stories from millennia ago, great novels depicting China’s culture, online literature attracting millions of its youngsters, and people celebrating its traditions. It discusses the first-hand experience of living and teaching in China, different versions of “Beauty and the Beast,” the Chine...

Close Readings of Jane Austen’s Emma, Volume II

This volume continues the series project of providing interpretations of selected novels through analyses of each of its chapters. It provides in-depth explications of Austen’s text in order to illustrate its thematic complexity and model the practice of close reading....

Current Topics in Language and Literature

This volume brings together 15 peer-reviewed papers which discuss numerous current topics in language and literature. It synthesizes various contemporary practical topics in post-secondary education written by active researchers and practitioners in their respective areas. By using research methods such as mixed methods, case studi...
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