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Series: Linguistics

Cambridge Scholars Publishing welcomes proposals for new series on linguistics. For more information contact Camilla Harding, Commissioning Editor, at

Studies in Language and Translation

Studies in Language and Translation is an international, English-language series actively promoting research in theoretical and empirical studies in language, linguistics and translation. The series is composed of original, high-quality monographs and edited volumes in a wide range of research areas, including contrastive linguistics; psycholinguistics; cognitive linguistics; corpus linguistics; text linguistics; semantics; pragmatics; discourse analysis; audiovisual translation; literary translation; interpreting; machine translation; and localization.

Advances in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Advances in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis, edited by Pilar Garces Blitvich (University of North Carolina at Charlotte) and Manuel Padilla (University of Seville), is a new series examining various aspects of linguistics and communication. The series will publish two volumes per year, with each subsequent volume focusing on a different sub-field in order to make the series all-encompassing and representative of current and innovative work in pragmatics and discourse analysis. The editorial board for the series is drawn from several different countries, and represents institutes from the US, ...

Studies in Ecolinguistics

The Studies in Ecolinguistics series of linguistic monographs arose from a growing intellectual inclination to build a linguistic meta-theory that is paradigmatically grounded in the post-Newtonian model of life within the holistic paradigm. Hence, it is a publication plane for more expanded scholarly proposals within language and communication studies today, where communication processes are perceived as life processes on various layers of life systems’ organization.