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Lady Stephenson Library

We are delighted to announce the new headquarters of Cambridge Scholars Publishing – the historic Lady Stephenson library in Newcastle upon Tyne. The majestic building was commissioned in 1908 by Sir William Haswell Stephenson, a local industrialist and benefactor who was the city’s mayor a total of seven times. He dedicated the library to the memory of his wife, Lady Stephenson, who died in 1901. Having been at the heart of its community for 100 years, it’s a wonderful space, which we are renovating to restore it to its former glory.

We recently wrote about donating books from our back catalogue to the region’s libraries, here in the United Kingdom. The lifelong education of the public is a worthy cause, close to our hearts, not least because of our love of the printed word, but also in light of the sweeping local government budget cuts, which have resulted in the closure of many of our local libraries throughout the UK. As such, we are particularly proud to be inhabiting this historic building and to be continuing the legacy of books and education.

We have also created a dedicated author room, for all of our existing authors, editors and contributors to use when visiting, so that they can utilise our resources and enjoy their own office space. For more information on booking this space, please contact us.

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