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Picture of Japanese Cultural Invasion of China

Japanese Cultural Invasion of China

ISSN No: 2398-3418
Series Editor(s):
Sue Wang and Zhang Runhan

Series Description

Many scholars around the world have studied the Japanese invasion of China, but most have approached this issue from a military or economic perspective. This book series will extend current scholarship by offering insightful, convincing arguments about the Japanese cultural invasion of China with rich evidence from a variety of sources. The three books in this series highlight Japan’s invasion of China by examining the impacts of Sino-Japanese war subjects in Japanese literature, intellectuals and scholars’ roles in Sino-Japanese wars, and the right-wing views of history in Japan, respectively, all with a focus on the Japanese cultural invasion of China.

Book 1: The “Writing Army” and Japan’s War of Aggression against China: Investigation and Criticisms of Japan’s Invasion Literature
In the wars against China, many Japanese literary men actively involved themselves with their pen as their weapons. Some joined the army as journalists, while others provided support to Sino-Japanese wars though their participation in militarist cultural and literature organizations. Throughout the literature they created, they eulogized the wars and the Japanese troops, and demonized the Chinese. This is the first book to systematically examine the literature history of the Japanese invasion of China.
Book 2: Japanese Cultural Invasion of China: Scholars and intellectuals’ roles
This book explores the intellectuals and scholars’ roles in Sino-Japanese wars in history. By providing rich archival materials and sources, the author makes a strong argument that the wars between China and Japan were not only military and economic, but also cultural wars as well. Some important intellectuals and scholars with their works serve as shaping forces along history for Japanese perceptions of the wars and conflicts between China and Japan. The author proposes the concept of cultural invasion and makes a convincing argument.
Book 3: A Critical Study of Japanese Right-wing Views of History
By examining contemporary Japanese right-wing scholars (or intellectuals) academically, this book offers an in-depth analysis of their right-wing views of history filled with distortion and misinterpretation. Not only does it offer a case study of a cross-section of right-wing intellectuals, but it also outlines the historical development of Japanese right-wingers’ views of history. Professor Wang describes the ancient origin, modern development, and contemporary spread of the Japanese right-wing groups, as well as those of right-wing views of history, shedding light on inner connections among these typical right-wing intellectuals.

The readers of this series include researchers, scholars, and graduate students in East Asian/Oriental studies, and the general public interested in this area. This translated series would enable Chinese scholars’ works to become more accessible, which would otherwise be impossible to many international readers, thus contributing to the international academic community.

Editor(s) Biography

Sue Wang earned her doctoral degree in Literacy/TESL program at University of Cincinnati, United States. She is an associate professor at School of Foreign Studies, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing China. She has been active in academic research and published in both Chinese and English. Her research interests include language education, cross-cultural communication and translation studies, etc.

Runhan Zhang did her MA and PhD in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K. and the University of Auckland, New Zealand, respectively. She is now a lecturer in the School of Foreign Studies at Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing, China. She has published several journal articles in both Chinese and English. Her research interests include applied linguistics, cultural studies and translation studies.

Series Titles

This is a new Series and associated titles are currently being prepared.