Introducing the Cambridge Scholars Publishing Blog 2015

Cambridge Scholars Publishing is very pleased to announce the introduction of our new Blog series, which will provide regular insights from the Editor’s chair. Our Editorial Team will be compiling the latest views from the academic publishing industry, especially those related to the burning questions that both young scholars and senior academics and practitioners often ask of our team.

This February, we are kick-starting the debate with a discussion about VANITY PUBLISHING. We often receive letters and emails from confused and sometimes concerned authors, who have been approached by another publisher asking for an upfront 'contribution’ towards the cost of publishing their monograph. Many individuals enter into vanity arrangements because they cannot find a conventional academic publisher (either an independent publisher, such as Cambridge Scholars Publishing, or a University Press), but still feel that their academic research will be of value to others. Indeed, the term ‘Vanity Press’ has been further obscured by the recent growth of ‘self-publishing’, as well as the ambiguous terms that a vanity publisher often uses, such as “joint-venture”, “shared responsibility” or “subsidy” publishing. 

With our first blog discussion, we hope to dispel some of the ‘myths’ around Vanity Publishing and clearly present the options typically available to academic authors and editors. We hope that you will join in the debate as well, by contacting or by adding comments to our posts.

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