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History and Philosophy of Science

An innovative subset of our History and Philosophy books, Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed a specialism in titles focusing on the History and Philosophy of Science. Recent and forthcoming work in this area looks the study of the development of global scientific institutions and societies, and the analysis of historical scientific approaches to social problems like disease and gender. As a whole, the collection is essential reading for historians, philosophers, and scientists alike, and to anyone eager to learn about the history and philosophy of our relationship to science.

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Nietzsche and Transhumanism

This essay collection deals with the question of whether Nietzsche can be seen as a precursor of transhumanism or not. Debates on the topic have existed for some years, particularly in the Journal of Evolution and Technology and The Agonist. This book combines existing papers, from these journals, with new material, to highlight so...

Progress in Medical Geology

This volume represents a compendium of research conducted by international scholars who participated in the 2nd Symposium on Advances in Geospatial held during “The 5th International Conference on Medical Geology” in Arlington, Virginia, USA, in 2013. The research topics dealt with here mainly focus on the new scientific field of m...

The Urban Environmental Crisis in India

This volume represents a unique collection of thoughts, ideas, views and visions of a number of water management experts. The book envisions long-lasting practices in safe water and waste management by talking to local community members, governments, and business owners, in order to find out how they live and what they need to feel...

Birthing the Computer

Birthing the Computer: From Drums to Cores examines the evolution of computer systems architecture based on two evolutionary developments: memory technology – magnetic drums to magnetic cores – and CPU technology – transistors. This evolution, exemplified by a number of academic and commercial computing machines, yielded significan...

Einstein's Pathway to the Special Theory of Relativity (2nd Edition)

This book is a comprehensive monograph on Albert Einstein’s Odyssey to Special and General Relativity. This second edition brings together the most recent studies regarding the discovery of Special Relativity between 1895 and 1905 and pertaining to the genesis of General Relativity between 1905 and 1918. The book encompasses an in-...

Decolonising the University

At each particular historical moment, the university appears as a heavy and rigid structure resisting changes, whereas, throughout time, it has actually undergone profound transformation. Often such changes have been drastic and almost always provoked by factors external to the university, be they of a religious, political or econo...

Philosophy of Mind

The human mind is one of the most extraordinary mysteries of the contemporary sciences and philosophy. We know for sure that we have one, and that we have feelings and conscious experience. But why is that? This anthology addresses contemporary issues in the field of study that is the philosophy of mind. It is divided into five mai...

Elements of Statistics

This book represents a crucial resource for students taking a required statistics course who are intimidated by statistical symbols, formulae, and daunting equations. It will serve to prepare the reader to achieve the level of statistical literacy required not only to understand basic statistics, but also to embark on their advance...

Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Security in the 21st Century

With the global adoption of the “green revolution” in the 1970s; the long historical legacy of agriculture’s boom and bust cycle seemed – finally – to be put on hold. It appeared as though the apocalyptic nightmare of famine had been vanquished.However, now, man-made climate change poses a new and immediate crisis – from Syria to S...

Large Dams in India

This book fills the existing lacuna in research in Science, Technology and Society (STS) through a review of existing studies of large dams in India, and analysing a case study of the proposed Tipaimukh dam project in Manipur, India. It reveals the strong connections between risk, technology, politics and environmentalism in the co...

Nature Alive

This volume pays homage to Alfred North Whitehead’s (1861-1947) profound lecture and essay entitled “Nature Alive,” which was one of his most mature expressions of his process-relational metaphysics – a holistic conceptual framework that renders vivid the dynamic character of the natural world and the intrinsic purposiveness, selec...

Dying to Eat

This book examines our oft emotional relationship with food; the way science has been used and misused by those who govern, provide advice to the public, or try to sell food; and why we tend to believe the statements about healthy eating that we wish were true, rather than those which are true. The book discusses and challenges how...
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