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History and Philosophy of Science

An innovative subset of our History and Philosophy books, Cambridge Scholars Publishing has developed a specialism in titles focusing on the History and Philosophy of Science. Recent and forthcoming work in this area looks the study of the development of global scientific institutions and societies, and the analysis of historical scientific approaches to social problems like disease and gender. As a whole, the collection is essential reading for historians, philosophers, and scientists alike, and to anyone eager to learn about the history and philosophy of our relationship to science.

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Science Research and Education in Africa

For various economic and political reasons, many African countries lag behind the rest of the industrialised world in scientific and medical research and development. However, the presence of intellectual islands scattered across the continent gives hope that this is only a transient situation on the cusp of undergoing a profound a...

Conceptualizing Evolution Education

This volume explores the benefits of grounding corpus-assisted discourse analysis within the theoretical framework of cognitive linguistics. This is accomplished here against the highly emotive controversy over the teaching of evolution in the US classroom. The book explores grammatical construal, conceptual metaphor theory, concep...

Shakespeare's Ghosts Live

Shakespeare has been one of the most-cited authors since his plays were performed, and yet little attention has been paid to his views on psychic phenomena. It took another 300 years of paranormal experiences before scholars at Cambridge University helped to found the Society for Psychical Research, which brought scientific scrutin...
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Directory of Scholarly Journals in Turkey

Scholarly journals are the capillaries of the scientific world, ensuring the circulation of knowledge. Moreover, scholarly journals guide and indicate the scientific development in an academic field of study or in a country. Scholarly journals, which transfer and spread scientific information, are intended to properly fulfill their...

Solar-Energy-Absorbing Substances and Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Diseases

This book explores various topics relevant to understanding the complexities of biological effects generated by solar radiation. Solar-energy-absorbing substances are evaluated, including sunscreen agents, and their influence on cancers and diseases. One assumption is the use of sunscreen agents cannot prevent the photoinitiation o...

An International Humanitarian Organisation

This book presents a concise account of our current approach to the climate crisis, and provides a clear view of the current situation, and the history of the protocols and promises that have failed. It offers substantial international solutions, exploring the urgent need for an international ethical and progressive alliance that h...

The Nomiotic-Wave Theory of Mind and Inherent Logic

This book formulates a nomiotic-wave theory of the mind grounded in six fundamental aspects: 1) the mind is different from the brain as a whole because its processes directly involve the neocortex; 2) the mind generates significant processes and configurations; 3) the mind possesses an architecture and works with operational modali...

Towards Efficient Photovoltaic Devices

Fossil fuels are limited resources and are anticipated to be exhausted within the next few decades. Solar energy is the only renewable resource capable of adequately meeting today’s total global energy demand. Dye-sensitised solar cells (DSCs) represent a novel class of photovoltaic devices that mimic nature’s photosynthesis proces...

An Exploration of Technology and its Social Impact

This book provides a set of important articles dealing with technology’s role and its social impact within the new information age. Taking into consideration the rapid changes within the modern social sphere, the book will be of interest to those seeking to understand how technology is currently reshaping life, as well as its capac...

Formations of Terror

There are a host of books about fear but, as yet, there has been little attempt to methodically and systemically assess how fear emerges and is targeted. This highly readable yet rigorous book sets about the methodical assessment of fear as an emergent property. Working from the personal experience of fear as ‘everyman’, and then u...
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Risk and Regulation at the Interface of Medicine and the Arts

This book brings together an edited selection of presentations from the Association for Medical Humanities annual conference 2015, held at Dartington Hall, UK, that address the question: How might innovative performing arts help to develop medical education and practice? It includes papers and accounts of both keynote talks and per...

Creating Space in the Fifth Estate

Creating Space in the Fifth Estate explores what is new and valued about the digital media environment. The deep and far-reaching changes that are being wrought by the digital revolution are as radical in their effect as the impact of the industrial revolution was in the nineteenth century. While the long-term significance of these...
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